Trade Unions Linking Israel and Palestine

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Trade Unions Linking Israel and Palestine (TULIP) is an organization of unions located in various countries around the world. Its stated main goal is to promote cooperation between Israelis and Palestinians. In addition it also aims to counter some efforts in other countries to promote boycotts of Israel. Further to this it claims to seek to promote freedom of economic activity in both countries. [1]

Its founding statement issued on its website talks of "national unions and trade union centres" that have "rallied behind those Palestinians who are opposed to the peace process." It goes on to say "They are attempting to demonise the Jewish state, to deny it legitimacy, and to whip up hatred against it. Sometimes that hatred even spills over into anti-Semitism." [2]

Its website has three language options: English, German and Hebrew. It is not translated into Arabic.

Michael J. Leahy, of Community (trade union), co-founded the organisation.

It has produced a poster criticizing boycotts of Israel as racist in PDF format.[3]

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