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Trademark symbol
apostrophe  '
brackets [ ]  ( )  { }  ⟨ ⟩
colon :
comma ,  ،  
dash ‒  –  —  ―
ellipsis  ...  . . .      
exclamation mark !
full stop, period .
guillemets ‹ ›  « »
hyphen-minus -
question mark ?
quotation marks ‘ ’  “ ”  ' '  " "
semicolon ;
slash, stroke, solidus /    
Word dividers
interpunct ·
General typography
ampersand &
asterisk *
at sign @
backslash \
basis point
caret ^
dagger † ‡ ⹋
degree °
ditto mark ” 〃
equals sign =
inverted exclamation mark ¡
inverted question mark ¿
komejirushi, kome, reference mark
multiplication sign ×
number sign, pound, hash #
numero sign
obelus ÷
ordinal indicator º ª
percent, per mil % ‰
plus, minus + −
plus-minus, minus-plus ± ∓
section sign §
tilde ~
underscore, understrike _
vertical bar, pipe, broken bar |    ¦
Intellectual property
copyright ©
copyleft 🄯
sound-recording copyright
registered trademark ®
service mark
currency sign ¤

؋฿¢$֏ƒ£元 圆 圓 ¥

Uncommon typography
fleuron, hedera
index, fist
irony punctuation
In other scripts

The trademark symbol () is a symbol to indicate that the preceding mark is a trademark. It is usually used for unregistered trademarks, as opposed to the registered trademark symbol (®) which is reserved for trademarks registered with the appropriate government agency.[1]

In Unicode it is U+2122 TRADE MARK SIGN.[2] In HTML the code ™ or ™ can be added.[3] LaTeX uses \texttrademark. On Windows it may be entered by holding the Alt while typing the numbers 0 1 5 3 on the numeric keypad (it is at 0x99 or 153 in CP1252) or by pressing Alt Gr+T. On macOS, it may be entered by pressing ⌥ Opt+2 . On Linux and some other POSIX-compatible systems the trademark symbol may be entered by keys sequence Compose T M.

An equivalent marque de commerce symbol (U+1F16A 🅪 RAISED MC SIGN) is used in Quebec.


Use of the trademark symbol indicates an assertion that a word, image, or other sign is a trademark; it does not indicate registration. Registered trademarks are indicated using the registered trademark symbol (®), and in some jurisdictions it is unlawful or illegal to use the registered trademark symbol with a mark that has not been registered.[4]

Trademarks versus service marks[edit]

There is a specific symbol, the service mark symbol (℠), to indicate the assertion of a service mark (a trademark for the provision of services). The service mark symbol is less commonly used than the trademark symbol, especially outside the United States.

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