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This article is about the 19th-century ivory trader. For the American baseball player, see Trader Horne. For the British vocal duo, see Trader Horne (band).
Trader Horn (left) with Andrew Dakers, the literary agent for Ethelreda Lewis, in New York City in 1927.

Alfred Aloysius "Trader" Horn (born Alfred Aloysius Smith; 1861–1931) was an ivory trader in central Africa. He wrote a book, Trader Horn: A Young Man's Astounding Adventures in 19th-Century Equatorial Africa (ISBN 1-885211-81-3), detailing his journeys into jungles teeming with buffalo, gorillas, man-eating leopards, serpents and "savages". The book also documents his efforts to free slaves, meet the founder of Rhodesia, Cecil Rhodes, and liberate a princess from captivity.

A silent film exists of Horn,[1] as well as recent writings about him online [2] And a life of Horn is written by Couzens [3]

Film adaptations[edit]

Complete title[edit]

  • Horn, Trader. Trader Horn; being the life and works of Aloysius Horn, an "Old Visiter" ... the first book he wrote was "The Ivory Coast in the Earlies" written by himself just prior to 1926 when he would have been 65 years old, with such of his philosophy as is the gift of age and experience, taken down and here edited by Ethelreda Lewis; with a foreword by John Galsworthy. New York: Literary Guild of America, 1927, 302pp.
Trader Horn in 1929

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Other works[edit]

  • [2] - list of publications and editions


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