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A trading fund is an executive agency, government department or part of a department, which has been established as such by means of a trading fund order made under the Government Trading Funds Act 1973.[1] Although mainly used in the United Kingdom, the model has also been used in Hong Kong.

A trading fund can only be established with HM Treasury agreement. One may only be set up where more than 50% of the trading fund's revenue will consist of receipts in respect of goods and services provided by the trading fund, and where the responsible minister and the Treasury are satisfied that the setting up of the trading fund will lead to "improved efficiency and effectiveness in management of operations".[2]

The significance of a trading fund is that it has standing authority under the 1973 Act to use its receipts to meet its outgoings. Some trading funds have, as their main function, the collection and supply of information to both public and private sectors; others do not.

List of trading funds[edit]

Date of establishment as trading fund is shown:

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