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TOP 09
Leader Karel Schwarzenberg
Founded 11 June 2009 (2009-06-11)
Split from Christian and Democratic Union – Czechoslovak People's Party
Headquarters Michnův palác, Újezd 450/40, 118 00 Prague 1 – Malá Strana
Membership  (2015) 3560 [1]
Ideology Liberal conservatism[2][3]
Christian democracy[4][5]
Political position Centre-right[6]
International affiliation None
European affiliation European People's Party
European Parliament group European People's Party
Colours Purple
Chamber of Deputies
26 / 200
1 / 81
European Parliament
4 / 21
Regional councils
44 / 675
Local councils
868 / 62,300
Politics of Czech Republic
Political parties

TOP 09 (name derived from Tradice Odpovědnost Prosperita, meaning "Tradition Responsibility Prosperity") is a fiscally conservative political party in the Czech Republic, led by the former Czech Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg and noted for its support of the free market and the European Union.[7] TOP 09 holds 26 seats in the Chamber of Deputies.


Karel Schwarzenberg, leader of TOP 09 party

The party was founded on 11 June 2009 by Miroslav Kalousek who left the Christian and Democratic Union – Czechoslovak People's Party.[8] Leader Karel Schwarzenberg, who had previously served as Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic (2007-2009), having been nominated by the Green Party for the post, and who had been elected to the Senate in 2004 as nominee of the Freedom Union – Democratic Union (US-DEU) and Civic Democratic Alliance (ODA) parties, became the party's first leader.[9][10]

Based on voting preferences polls, the party soon enjoyed popularity as the second strongest right-wing party (the Civic Democrats (ODS) being the first),[11] as was confirmed during 2010 parliament elections, where 16.70% voted for TOP 09 and 20.22% for ODS.[12]

TOP 09 is currently in the opposition.

In September 2010 TOP09 applied to join the European People's Party as a member. Karel Schwarzenberg has already officially participated in two EPP summits (15 September[13] and 16 December 2010[14]). On 10 February 2011 TOP 09 has officially been granted permission to join the EPP.[15]

Election results[edit]

Below are charts of the results that the TOP09 has secured in the Chamber of Deputies, Senate, European Parliament, and regional assemblies at each election.

Chamber of Deputies[edit]

Year Vote Vote % Seats Place Govt?
2010 873,833 16.7 41 3rd Yes
2013 596,357 Decrease 12.0 Decrease 26 Decrease 4th Decrease No


Election First round Second round Seats
Votes % Places Votes % Places
2010 165,277 14.40 3rd 51,310 7.54 3rd 2
2012 57,907 6.59 5th 9,918 1.93 5th 2
2014 92,137 8.98 5th 30,476 6.43 6th 0

European Parliament[edit]

Year Vote % Seats Place
2014 16.0 Increase 4 2nd


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