Traditional Anglican Church of America

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The Traditional Anglican Church of America, formerly the Anglican Convocation of the Good Shepherd, is a small jurisdiction of conservative continuing Anglicans who are not in communion with the Episcopal Church in the United States of America or the Anglican Communion. TACA embodies a broad or low church tradition in liturgy and theology. As of April 2017, there were 4 active congregations across the United States. The church uses the 1928 American Book of Common Prayer but allows the use of any historic and authorized Book of Common Prayer which predates the 1928 American edition. The church also accepts the Affirmation of St. Louis and the Thirty-nine Articles of Religion.

The Primate of the Traditional Anglican Church of America is Dwight Irons. There are two dioceses: the Diocese of the Good Shepherd Northwest and the Diocese of the Good Shepherd Southeast/Southwest.

The church does not ordain women or openly homosexual men to any rank of the ordained ministry or permit the blessings of same-sex unions of marriages, however same-sex couples are admitted to receive Holy Communion.

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