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The music of Malta ranges across a spectrum of genres such as traditional folk music, metal and various forms of electronica.


"Għana" is the traditional folk music of Malta (the 'Għ' is a silent consonant).

1971 Joe Grech. The first singer to represent Malta in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Thea Garrett (winner of Malta Song for Europe 2010 - My Dream)

Morena (winner of Malta Song for Europe 2008 - VODKA)

Klinsmann (participant of Malta Song for Europe in 2007 [She Gives me Wings] and 2008 [Go finalist song])

Claudia Faniello (second runner up in Malta song for Europe 2008 who participated with the songs Caravaggio and Sunrise)

Chiara (represented Malta in Eurovision a total of 3 times, 1998, 2005, 2009)

Gaia Cauchi(represented and won for Malta in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2013)

Gianluca Bezzina (represented Malta in 2013)


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