Tragedy (band)

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Origin Memphis, Tennessee, U.S.
Now Portland, Oregon, U.S.
Genres D-beat, crust punk, hardcore punk
Years active 1995–present
Labels Tragedy Records
Skuld Releases
Associated acts His Hero is Gone
Members Todd Burdette, Paul Burdette, Yannick Lorrain, Billy Davis

Tragedy is an American punk rock band that formed Memphis, Tennessee, in 1995 and is now based out of Portland, Oregon. Tragedy was formed by former members of the influential crust punk band His Hero is Gone.

Band members[edit]


Date of Release Title Label
2000 Tragedy Tragedy Records
2001 Tragedy Skuld Releases
2002 Can We Call This Life? Tragedy Records
2002 Vengeance Tragedy Records
2003 Vengeance Skuld Releases
2003 Split 7" with Totalitär Armageddon Label
2004 UK 2004 Tour EP Tragedy Records
2006 Nerve Damage Tragedy Records
2012 Darker Days Ahead Tragedy Records

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