Tragic Hero Records

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Tragic Hero Records
Founded 2005
Founder Tommy LaCombe, David Varnedoe, Jason Ganthner
Distributor(s) ADA (through East West)
Genre Rock, metal, post-hardcore, metalcore
Country of origin United States
Location Raleigh, NC
Official website

Tragic Hero Records is a record label founded in Raleigh, North Carolina in March 2005[1] to represent the growing hardcore punk and harder wave of music in North Carolina. The label was founded by Tommy LaCombe, David Varnedoe and Jason Ganthner. Alesana was the first band the label signed.[1] Among Tragic Hero's best-known signees are A Skylit Drive, whose most recent album reached No. 64 on the Billboard 200; Alesana, who later signed with Fearless Records, Letlive, who later signed with Epitaph Records, and He Is Legend, who signed with Tragic Hero for their most recent album after several successful full-lengths on other labels.[2]

Current Artists[edit]

  • The Afterimage
  • A Skylit Drive[3]
  • Bad Luck
  • The Dead Rabbitts
  • Invent, Animate
  • Nevada Rose
  • Nights
  • Outlands
  • Secret Eyes
  • Set to Stun
  • Sleep City
  • Strawberry Girls
  • Wearing Thin

Former Artists[edit]


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