Traill Island

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Native name: Traill Ø
Traill Island NASA.jpg
Traill Island seen from space. King Oscar Fjord to the south.
Traill Island is located in Greenland
Traill Island
Traill Island (Greenland)
Location East-Greenland
Coordinates 72°32′N 23°10′W / 72.533°N 23.167°W / 72.533; -23.167Coordinates: 72°32′N 23°10′W / 72.533°N 23.167°W / 72.533; -23.167
Area 3,452 km2 (1,333 sq mi)
Highest elevation 1,884 m (6,181 ft)
Highest point unnamed[1]
Population 0

Traill Island (Danish: Traill Ø) is a large island in eastern Greenland. It is named after zoologist Thomas Stewart Traill. The highest point of the island is 1884 m. Traill Island is a part of the Northeast Greenland National Park.

Giant-sized geological fault on the southern side of Traill Island