Trails of the Chattahoochee National Forest

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There are 86 trails maintained by the U.S. Forest Service in the Chattahoochee National Forest in the State of Georgia. [1] These trails include:

Map showing trails of Georgia
Map showing location of Off Highway Vehicle (OHV) trails
Trail Name Ranger District
Anderson Creek ORV Trails Toccoa
Andrews Cove Trail Chattooga
Angel Falls Trail Tallulah
Anna Ruby Falls Trail Chattooga
Appalachian Trail[2] Brasstown, Chattooga, Toccoa & Tallulah
Arkaquah Trail Armuchee-Cohutta
Aska Trails[3] Toccoa
Bartram Trail[4] Tallulah
Bear Creek Trail Armuchee-Cohutta
Bear Hair Gap Trail Brasstown
Beasley Knob ORV Trails[5] Brasstown
Benton MacKaye Trail Armuchee-Cohutta & Toccoa
Brasstown Bald Trail Brasstown
Broad River Trail Chattooga
Bull Mountain Multi-Use Trail Toccoa
Byron Herbert Reece Access Brasstown
Chattooga River Trail Tallulah
Chickamuaga Creek Trail Armuchee-Cohutta
Coleman River Trail Tallulah
Cooper Creek Trail Brasstown
Coosa Backcountry Trail Brasstown
Davenport Trail[6] Brasstown
Desoto Falls Trail Brasstown
Dockery Lake Trail Brasstown
Dukes Creek Trail Chattooga
Duncan Ridge Trail Brasstown & Toccoa
Emery Creek Trail Armuchee-Cohutta
"Eyes on Wildlife" Trail Toccoa
Freeman Trail Brasstown
Grassy Mountain Trail Armuchee-Cohutta
Helton Creek Falls Trail Brasstown
Hemlock Trail Tallulah
High Shoals Trail Brasstown
Holcomb Creek Trail Tallulah
Horsetrough Falls Trail Chattooga
Houston Valley ORV Area[7] Armuchee-Cohutta
Iron Mountain Trail Armuchee-Cohutta
Jacks Knob Trail Brasstown
Jarrard Gap Trail Brasstown
Johns Mountain Trail Armuchee-Cohutta
Keown Falls Trail Armuchee-Cohutta
Ladyslipper Trail Chattooga
Lake Blue Ridge Trail Toccoa
Lake Chatuge Trail Brasstown
Lake Consuaga Trail Armuchee-Cohutta
Lake Russell Trail Chattooga
Lake Winfield Scott Trail Brasstown
Lakeshore Trail Brasstown
Locust Stake ORV Area[8] Chattooga
Logan Turnpike Trail Chattooga
Mills Shoals Trail Brasstown
Milma Creek ATV Trail[9] Armuchee-Cohutta
Minnehaha Trail Tallulah
Moates Knob Trail[10] Chattooga
Mountaintown Creek Trail Armuchee-Cohutta
Murrays Lake Trail Armuchee-Cohutta
Oakey Mountain ORV Trail[10] Tallulah
Panther Creek Trail Chattooga
Pocket Trail Armuchee-Cohutta
Rabun Bald Trail Tallulah
Raven Cliffs Trail Chattooga
Raven Rock Trail Tallulah
Rock Creek ATV Trail[11] Armuchee-Cohutta
Rocky Falts ORV Trail[12] Armuchee-Cohutta
Rocky Mountain Trail Brasstown
Shope Gap Trail Brasstown
Slaughter Creek Trail Brasstown
Smith Creek Trail Chattooga
Songbird Trail Armuchee-Cohutta
Sosebee Cove Trail Brasstown
Sourwood Trail Chattooga
South Fork Trail Armuchee-Cohutta
Stanley Creek Trail Toccoa
Sumac Creek Trail Armuchee-Cohutta
Sutton Hole Trail Tallulah
Tatum Lead ORV Trail[11] Armuchee-Cohutta
Taylors Ridge Trail Armuchee-Cohutta
Three Forks Trail Tallulah
Tibbs ORV Trail[9] Armuchee-Cohutta
Toccoa River Canoe Trail Toccoa
Turner Creek Multi-Use Trail Toccoa
Wagon Train Trail Brasstown
Warwoman Dell Nature Trail Tallulah
Whissenhunt ORV Trails[13] Toccoa
Willis Knob Tallulah
Windy Gap Cycle Trail[9] Armuchee-Cohutta
Yellow Mountain Trail Brasstown


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