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For the album of the same name, see Train-Train (album).
For other uses, see Train Train.
Train-Train cover.jpg
Single by The Blue Hearts
from the album Train-Train[1]
A-side Train-Train
B-side Mugon Denwa no Blues
Released November 23, 1988
February 6, 2002 (rerelease)
Recorded Sony Roppongi Studio
Onkio Haus
Genre Punk rock
Length 7m51s
Label Meldac
Writer(s) Hiroto Kōmoto
Producer(s) The Blue Hearts
The Blue Hearts singles chronology
"Blue Hearts Theme"
"Love Letter"

"Train-Train" (トレイン・トレイン Torein Torein?) was the fifth professional single by the Japanese band The Blue Hearts. They had released one single as an independent group, making this the sixth single overall.

The single was released at the same time as the album Train-Train. Though the single version and album version of the song were cut from the same take, the single version does not include the train sounds or the blues harp and drums that are played at the beginning of the album version of the song.

The B-side song to "Train-Train" was "Mugon Denwa no Blues" (無言電話のブルース Silent Telephone Blues). Both of the songs were written by Masatoshi Mashima, the band's guitarist.

The song was used as the theme song of the drama High School Rakugaki (はいすくーる落書), pt. 1.


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