Train of Many Colors

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The Train of Many Colors is seen arriving at Rockaway Park – Beach 116th Street on a fan trip, with R33ML 9017 leading.
The Train of Many Colors runs in service as the 7 train at Mets – Willets Point station, R33ML 9010 leading.

The Train of Many Colors (also referred to as TOMC) is one of the New York Transit Museum's IRT nostalgia trains used for excursions. The name comes from the fact that the cars are painted in many varying schemes from different eras.

During the 2004 Subway Centennial, some of the cars were used for regular service on the 42nd Street Shuttle route. In addition, the cars may be used to commemorate a special occasion (i.e. the opening of CitiField in Queens).

Some of the cars are housed in the NY Transit Museum when not used for excursions (R12, R15, R17 and R33WF). Others are stored at the 207th Street Yard, 239th Street Yard and Coney Island Yards.

There are 14 cars painted in various schemes as listed below.

List of cars and colors[edit]

Model Builder Car numbers Livery Era used
R12 American Car & Foundry 5760 Two tone gray with orange stripes. Original, when new
R15 6239 Maroon with tan stripe Original, when new
R17 St. Louis Car Company 6609 Maroon Original, when new
R33ML 9010 and 9011,
9206 and 9207
Two-tone, silver with blue stripe 1971-early 1980s
9016 and 9017 Watermelon red with yellow handlebars Original, when new
9068 Kale green 1985-1988
9069 Tuscan red with silver roof (Redbird) 1986 to retirement
R33WF 9306 1964 World's Fair aqua blue and white Original, when new
R36WF 9586 and 9587 Tuscan red with silver roof (Redbird) 1986 to retirement
ML = Main Line, WF = World's Fair; identified by the large picture windows in the World's Fair cars and smaller windows in the Main Line cars.