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Developer(s) Native Instruments
Stable release / Oct 13, 2016
Operating system macOS, Microsoft Windows
Type Digital DJ Software, Vinyl emulation software
License Proprietary

Traktor is a DJ software package developed by Native Instruments. The most recent version offers looping, effects, automatic beat-gridding of tracks, beat detection and Sync Lock for automatic synchronization of tracks, key detection, a 4-channel mixer, emulating the Xone:92 4-band EQ and filters by Allen & Heath and five other equalizer models, real-time track management with incremental search, artwork browsing, iPod and iTunes compatibility, automatic gain control, integrated recorder supporting internal and external audio input, support for multiple MIDI controllers and advanced MIDI assignments, as well as the syncing of external gear through MIDI clock functionality. Traktor is also used as a "sub-brand" for several of Native Instrument's associated hardware products.


Traktor was first released in 2000 and has gone through several major application changes. The initial versionsd expensive). In 2002, Traktor DJ Studio 2 was released, which offered several new features including scratch macros. It also expanded its looping, MIDI, and cue point functionality. In 2003, Traktor DJ Studio 2.5 was released. This new version expanded the time stretching functionality, added Open Sound Control (OSC) support, and gave the user limited ability to customize the look of the interface.

In 2003, Native Instruments partnered with Stanton Magnetics to develop the software for their "Final Scratch" digital vinyl system. This partnership gave Stanton a Win/Mac version of the Final Scratch software (which previously ran in a version of Debian Linux) and allowed Native Instruments to use the Final Scratch timecode engine in their own Traktor line.

In 2005, Native Instruments added vinyl emulation capability to version 2.6 of Traktor DJ Studio. Version 2.6 included live input, streaming internet broadcasting, support for more file formats, and greatly expanded MIDI capability. Soon afterward, Traktor DJ Studio 3 added two more playback decks (for a total of four), built-in effects, Beatport online store integration, a four-channel mixer, a Universal Binary version, deck caching, and minor improvements to existing features.

On October 11, 2006, the partnership between Native Instruments and Stanton Magnetics ended, and Traktor DJ Studio 3 was renamed Traktor 3.[1]

In 2008, an updated version of Traktor Pro, and a new version of the DJ studio, Traktor Scratch Pro were released. Traktor Scratch Pro had additional DVS functionality enabled, includes the specifically designed Audio 8 DJ audio interface, and timecoded CD or vinyl control.

Variations of Traktor[edit]

Native Instruments features a lower-priced version of its DJ studio, Traktor Duo, which features two decks, a single 3-band EQ for each channel, and six effects.[2] [3] The company also released Traktor Scratch Pro and Traktor Scratch Duo, which contain the same respective features as their standalone counterparts, along with vinyl control capabilities. In August 2010, Native Instruments released Traktor Pro S4 with the Traktor Kontrol S4 hardware.

A special entry-level version of Traktor called "Traktor LE" is being bundled with many of the newer MIDI devices recently released, including the Kontrol X1, Allen & Heath Xone 3D, Behringer BCD3000, Numark Total Control, Faderfox and the Vestax VCI-100. MIDI templates for Traktor are also bundled with the Feena Electronics FMDJ9303, the KontrolDJ, and the Ecler Nuo series of mixers. But a dedicated controller is not necessary because any MIDI device can be used to control Traktor’s features.[citation needed]

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