Tralee (UK Parliament constituency)

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Former Borough constituency
for the House of Commons
Number of members one
Replaced by West Kerry

Tralee was a constituency in Ireland of the Parliament of the United Kingdom Parliament, returning one Member of Parliament (MP). It was an original constituency represented in Parliament when the Union of Great Britain and Ireland took effect on 1 January 1801. The borough constituency continued to be represented until it was disfranchised in 1885.


This constituency was the parliamentary borough of Tralee in County Kerry.

Members of Parliament[edit]

The list below includes a line for every UK Parliament election held in the constituency, even if the incumbent MP was re-elected.

Election Member Party Note
1801-01-01 Arthur Moore 1801: Co-opted a
1802-07-24 Rt Hon. George Canning Tory Appointed Treasurer of the Navy
1804-06-04 Later Prime Minister 1827
1806-11-17 Rt Hon. Maurice FitzGerald
(The 18th Knight of Kerry)
Whig Also returned by and elected to sit for County Kerry
1807-01-17 Samuel Boddington Tory
1807-05-21 Sir Arthur Wellesley Tory Also returned by and elected to sit for Newport (Isle of Wight).
Later Prime Minister (as the 1st Duke of Wellington) 1828–30
and 1834.
1807-07-27 Evan Foulkes Tory Resigned
1808-02-25 James Stephen Tory
1812-10-27 Henry Arthur Herbert Whig Resigned
1813-06-17 James Evan Baillie Whig
1818-06-29 Edward Denny Tory Later 4th Baronet. Resigned.
1819-05-29 James Cuffe Tory Died 29 July 1828
1828-09-12 Sir Edward Denny, Bt Tory 3rd Baronet. Resigned.
1829-06-09 Robert Vernon Smith Whig
1830-08-13 Appointed Lord Commissioner of the Treasury
1831-05-07 Walker Ferrand Tory
1832-12-14 Maurice O'Connell Repeal Association Re-elected as a Liberal/Repealer pact candidate
1835-01-10 Liberal
1837-08-07 John Bateman Conservative Unseated on petition
1838-03-12 Maurice O'Connell Liberal Liberal/Repealer pact candidate. Declared elected.
1841-07-05 Repeal Association
1847-08-04 Re-elected as a Liberal candidate
1852-07-15 Liberal Died 18 June 1853
1853-07-04 Daniel O'Connell, Jnr Liberal Resigned
1863-05-15 Rt Hon. Thomas O'Hagan Liberal Appointed Judge of the Court of Common Pleas in Ireland
1865-02-14 Daniel O'Donoghue
(The O'Donoghue)
1874-02-04 Re-elected as a Home Rule League candidate
1880-04-01 Home Rule League Last MP for the constituency
1885-11-18 Constituency abolished


  • a Member of the former Parliament of Ireland chosen by lot to sit in the UK House of Commons from 1801.


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