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Tram İzmir
Karsiyaka tram.jpg
A tram on the Karşıyaka Line approaching Alaybey station on opening day.
Ownerİzmir Metropolitan Municipality
Area servedKarşıyaka, Çiğli and Konak
Localeİzmir, Turkey
Transit typeTram
Number of lines2
Number of stations33
Daily ridership110,000[1]
Began operation11 April 2017 (Karşıyaka) 24 March 2018 (Konak)
Operator(s)İzmir Metro A.Ş.[2]
Number of vehicles38
Train length32 m (105 ft)
Headway10 min - Karsiyaka Line 6 min - Konak Line
System length21.6 km (13.4 mi)
Track gauge1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in) standard gauge
Electrification750V DC
Average speed24 km/h (15 mph)
Top speed70 km/h (43 mph)

Tram İzmir,[3][4] alternatively known as İzmir Tram[5] (Turkish: İzmir Tramvayı),[1][6] is a tram network in İzmir, Turkey. Owned by the İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and operated by İzmir Metro A.Ş., the system consists of two separate lines: one in Karşıyaka, which opened on 11 April 2017, and the other in Konak, which opened on 24 March 2018.

The operating length is 21.3 km (13.2 mi) and consists of a total 33 stations. The total cost of these two lines is about ₺450 million (approx. US$120 million).


A tram vehicle on display at the 2016 İzmir International Fair.
Bostanlı İskele tram station
Alaybey tram station

The first tram line in İzmir opened in 1890, between Alsancak Terminal and Pasaport pier.[7] The Alsancak-Pasaport portion was abandoned in 1956 and the last remaining line in İzmir (Konak-Pasaport) was taken up in the early 1960s. Automobile traffic rose greatly in the decades that followed and in the early 2000s, the city was plagued with congestion in central areas.

In 2009, the Metropolitan Municipality released an overall transportation plan for the city.[8] The plan included the construction of three new tram lines: one in Konak, Karşıyaka and in Buca respectively. These three lines were to be integrated with the city's metro line as well as the two commuter rail lines. Construction was originally expected to start by the end of 2011; however, due to the delayed Environmental Impact Report, this date was pushed back to 2015.[9] In 2013, the Municipality secured necessary funding from the Ministry of Development and finalized system plans in 2014.[10] In the finalized plan, the Buca Tram line was removed due to pressure from the Ministry of Transport.[11] Construction began in April 2015 on the Karşıyaka Tram, and in November 2015 on the Konak Tram.

The first tram vehicles were delivered in 2016 and showcased at the İzmir International Fair in August of the same year. The rest of the vehicles were delivered in February 2017.[12]

The general name of the system was branded Tram İzmir by the Metropolitan Municipality.[3]

Karşıyaka Tram Line[edit]

The Karşıyaka Tram is 8.7 km (5.4 mi) long. It has 14 stations and began operation in April 2017. The tram line begins at Alaybey as a single track line with passing loops. After Karşıyaka station, the line proceeds with two tracks on the Alaybey bound side of Cemal Gürsel Avenue. Between Yunuslar and Bostanlı the Ataşehir bound track crosses Cemal Gürsel Avenue and the line proceeds on both sides of the road. After crossing Bostanlı Creek, the line runs through Cengiz Topel Street. The tramline the continues through the median of Dudayev Blvd. The depot is located next to Çevre Yolu station.

Station Platform Connection Notes
Alaybey 1 island platform Izban Approx. 0.5 km walk between

Tram and Izban

Karşıyaka 1 island platform Bus, Ferry
Nikah Sarayı 1 island platform None
Yunuslar 1 island platform None
Bostanlı İskele 2 side platforms Bus, Ferry Staggered platforms
Çarşı 2 side platforms None
Vilayet Evi 2 side platforms None
Selçuk Yaşar 1 island platform None
Atakent 2 side platforms None
Bilim Müzesi 1 island platform None
M.K. Atatürk Spor Salonu 1 island platform None
Mavişehir 1 island platform None
Çevreyolu 2 side platforms None
Ataşehir 1 island platform None

Konak Tram Line[edit]

Selçuk Yaşar tram station
Göztepe tram station

The Konak Tram is 12.6 km (7.8 mi) long. The line serves 19 stations and began operating on 24 April 2018. The entire line is double track. The Halkapinar and Fahrettin Altay bound tracks run on opposite sides of the Mustafa Kemal Sahil Bulavard from Fahrettin Altay station to Sadık Bey Station. Then after Sadık Bey, the two lines run parallel to each other, between the seaside and the west-bound Mustafa Kemal Sahil Bulavard. The Tramline turns inland at Gazi Bulavard and the track runs through the median. The line then turns onto Şair Eşref Boulevard, where the tracks are laid on the left most lane of each direction. The lines split past the Alsancak Train Station with the Halkapınar bound line taking Şehitler Street and the Fahrettin Altay bound track following Liman Street. The lines meet up again along Şehitler Street just before arriving at Halkapınar.

Station Platform Connection Notes
Halkapınar 1 island platform Izban, Metro, Bus Depot is located here.
Üniversite 1 side platform None Only Halkapınar bound trams stop here.
Havagazı 1 side platform None Only Fahrettin Altay bound trams stop here currently.
Alsancak Stadyumu 1 side platform None Only Halkapınar bound trams stop here.
Alsancak Gar 1 island platform TCDD, Izban, Bus
Atatürk Spor Salonu 2 side platforms None
Hocazade Camii 1 island platform None
Kültürpark Atatürk Lisesi 1 island platform None
Gazi Bulvarı 2 side platforms None
Konak İskele 2 side platforms Ferry, Bus, Metro
Karataş 2 side platforms None
Karantina 2 side platforms None
Köprü 2 side platforms None Staggered platforms
Sadıkbey 2 side platforms None Staggered platforms
Göztepe 2 side platforms Ferry Staggered platforms
Güzelyalı 2 side platforms None Staggered platforms
AASSM 2 side platforms None Staggered platforms
Üçkuyular 2 side platforms Ferry, Bus
Fahrettin Altay 1 island platform Bus, Metro


The system operates 24/7 with a varying headway.[5] On the Karşıyaka line, there is a ten-minute headway. On the Konak line, during Monday through Saturday, there is a six/seven and a half-minute headway and during Sunday, there is a seven and a half/ten-minute headway.[13] In 2018, İzmir Tram transported 110,000 passengers per day.[1]


The system operates on its own right of way as well as automobile lanes, despite the latter utilized less so, and is electrified with 750 V DC overhead wire and consists of Communications-based train control (CBTC) signalling.[14] Most of the network is double-tracked, except for a short portion between Karşıyaka pier and Alaybey. The tracks are standard track gauge at 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in).Both lines will have their own storage and maintenance depots, in Mavişehir and Halkapınar respectively. The tramcars are produced by Hyundai Rotem plant in Adapazarı. The double-ended 32 m (105 ft)-long five-module tramcars are each 43.1 t heavy. They have 48 seating capacity, and can carry up to 285 passengers each. Service speed is 24 km/h (15 mph), and top speed is 70 km/h (43 mph).

Tram construction in Alsancak

Each station is wheelchair-accessible and consists of its own platform, segregated from any sidewalk or street. Information panels showing the real-time status of the next tram are installed in all operating stations.

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