Trams in Frankfurt (Oder)

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Trams in Frankfurt (Oder)
Lindenstrasse, Frankfurt (Oder) - - 13395.jpg
GT6M tram no 304 in Lindenstraße,
Frankfurt (Oder), 2010.
LocaleFrankfurt (Oder), Brandenburg, Germany
Open22 January 1898 (1898-01-22)
Operator(s)Stadtverkehrsgesellschaft Frankfurt (Oder) [de] (SVF)
Track gauge1,000 mm (3 ft 3 38 in)
Propulsion system(s)Electricity
Electrification600 (?) V DC Catenary
Frankfurt (Oder) tramway network, 2012.
(Tram lines shown in red.)
WebsiteStadtverkehrsgesellschaft mbH Frankfurt (Oder) (in German)

The Frankfurt (Oder) tramway network (German: Straßenbahnnetz Frankfurt (Oder)) is a network of tramways forming part of the public transport system in Frankfurt (Oder), a town in the federal state of Brandenburg, Germany, on the Oder River, at the German-Polish border.

Opened in 1898, the network presently consists of five lines, operated by Stadtverkehrsgesellschaft mbH Frankfurt (Oder) [de] (SVF).


As of 2010, the three main tram lines in Frankfurt (Oder) operated daily 4:00 to 23:30, at:

  • a 20-minute headway: Monday to Friday, 6:00–19:00, and Saturday 9:00–16:00;
  • a 30-minute headway: Sundays and public holidays all day (from 6:00), and Monday-Saturday before and after the period with 20-minute intervals.

Line 1 runs from the new housing development of Neuberesinchen through the city centre to the suburb of Lebus in Frankfurt's north, mainly with low-floor trams and two single KT4Dms. Currently under discussion is a proposed closure of the northern section between Berliner Straße and Lebus.

Line 2 connects the university campuses (the main building, the auditorium and the Marion Gräfin Dönhoff building) with the speech centre in the Witzlebenstraße and extends to the fairgrounds. On weekdays it is operated by two pairs of KT4Dms, two single KT4Dms and a low-floor vehicle. On weekends, only low-floor GT6Ms are used.

Line 3 is a booster line for line 4. It operates Monday to Friday from the European University via the Südring to Kopernikusstraße, and, in rush hour, continues to the Technology Park and the hospital in the suburb of Markendorf (Ort) at 20-minute intervals. This line is operated by GT6Ms and KT4Dms.

Line 4, a main line, runs from the stadium via the railway station and the Südring, past the new solar factories, to Markendorf (Ort). As with Line 3, it is operated by KT4Dms and GT6Ms, but on weekends mainly by low-floor vehicles.

Line 5 is a tangential line - it "bypasses" the city centre, from Neuberesinchen via the station to the fairgrounds. However, it connects at Dresdener Platz or the station with lines towards the city centre. On weekdays, it is operated every 20 minutes by KT4Dms running in pairs, or a single KT4Dm, or a low-floor vehicle.

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