Trams in Novosibirsk

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Novosibirsk tramway network
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LocaleNovosibirsk, Russia

The Novosibirsk tramway (Russian: Новосибирский трамвай) is a transport system in Novosibirsk, Russia. It was opened on November 26, 1934. In 2011, passenger traffic of Novosibirsk tramway was 19,7 millions.[1] The total length of the tram network is 152,8 km. The network has 11 routes.


In June 1933, the construction of the first line began.

The opening of the first line took place on the morning of November 26, 1934.

The maximum length of the tram tracks was reached in 1987 – 191,4 km.

The total number of passengers carried by the tram network has reached 11 million.



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