Trams in Rijeka

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Rijeka tram
Rijeka tram old (3).jpg
Transit typeTram
Began operationNovember 7, 1899
Ended operationJune 15, 1952

Tram traffic in Rijeka was introduced in 1899. The first electric tram appeared on the streets of Rijeka on November 7, 1899 and thus marked the beginnings of organised public transport in the town. By a single-track line that was four kilometres long it carried passengers from the bridge on Rječina to the Railway Station. Each of the eight existing trams could take twenty-eight passengers.

In 1907, the tram started to run also from Školjić to the place where today’s shipyard "3. maj" is, while three years later it went all the way to Kantrida. During the Second World War it was the only means of public transport in the town while after the War new buses were acquired and they gradually took over the public transport in the town. Tram tracks that were in a poor condition became a danger for the traffic safety so that on June 15, 1952 the Rijeka tram had to be retired.