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Trams in Szczecin
Tramwaje w Szczecinie
Pesa Swing on tram line 2 in Szczecin, 2017.jpg
Pesa Swing on Żołnierza Polskiego Square, 2018
LocaleSzczecin, Poland
Operator(s)Tramwaje Szczecińskie (since 2009)
Track gauge1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in) standard gauge
Electrification600 V DC OHL
Track length (total)64 km
Route length110,77 km
Horsecar era: 1879–1900
Status Converted to electricity
Operator(s) Stettiner Straßen-Eisenbahn Gesellschaft
Track gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in) standard gauge
Propulsion system(s) horses
Depot(s) 3
Stock 20
Trams in Szczecin (1).svg

The Szczecin tram system is a 12-line, standard gauge tramway system in Szczecin, Poland that has been in operation since 1879 (when the town was Stettin, Prussia). The tramway operates on 64 kilometers (40 mi) of route. There are two depots and twelve balloon loops (including five street ones). Daytime lines (night lines were abolished in 1996) are operated by the company Tramwaje Szczecińskie (Szczecin Tramways), on behalf of the ZDiTM (Zarząd Dróg i Transportu Miejskiego [pl]; Road and Public Transport Administration). There is also a tourist line operated by the Szczecin's Association of the Enthusiasts of Public Transport.


Horse trams[edit]

On October 21, 1872, just before the demolition of fortress walls, German engineer Johannes Bussing received from the Royal Police Directorate in Berlin concession for the construction of a horse tram network. Less than six years later, have been signed an important agreement with the city. On March 25, 1879 had been established a company Stettiner Straßen-Eisenbahn Gesellschaft, which in the same year launched the first horse tram lines. On August 23, was opened the first line, which began nearby of current pl. Gałczyńskiego, lead through pl. Zwycięstwa and ended at Staszica Street. On October 16, was opened the second line from Wiszesława Street to Potulicka Street. The length of both routes rose to 11.5 km. Initially, in Szczecin have been 16 trams and 80 horses, and in 1898 were 39 trams and 198 horses. In 1886, were opened two new lines: from the Szczecin Główny railway station to Chmielewskiego Street and from Wyszyńskiego Street to Nabrzeże Wieleckie. The first depot was located at the intersection of current Wojska Polskiego avenue and Piotra Skargi Street. Later have been established another 3: at Dębogórska Street, Dubois Street and Kolumba Street.

Electric trams to 1945[edit]

From 1896 to 1900, most of lines have become electric traction. Electrification have been performed by Allgemeine Elektrizitäts-Gesellschaft. The main tram routes had two tracks, the other routes had only one track. Electricity have been brought by power stations located in Pomorzany, Old Town and Gdańska Street. In 1904, except for colors, tram lines became also numbers:

  • 1 Westend (Łękno) – Lastadie (Łasztownia) (yellow)
  • 2 Berliner Tor (Brama Portowa) – Zentralfriedhof (Cmentarz Centralny) (gray)
  • 3 Nemitz (Niemierzyn) – Hauptbahnhof (Dworzec Główny) (orange)
  • 4 Pommerensdorf (Pomorzany) – Arndtplatz (pl. Szarych Szeregów) (green)
  • 5 Alleestr. (Wawrzyniaka) – Turnerstr. (Jagiellońska) – Unterwiek (Jana z Kolna) (blue)
  • 6 Hauptbahnhof – Zabelsdorf (Niebuszewo) (white)
  • 7 Frauendorf (Golęcino) – Bellevue (Potulicka) (red)

In 1903 was built the first line, which crossed Odra and reached the right bank of city – it was opened a new line through Most Długi to current ul. Energetyków, and in 1910 through Most Kłodny to Wendy Street at Łasztownia. In 1907 was opened Niemierzyn depot (in Niemierzyńska Street), and 5 years later Golęcin depot (in Wiszesława Street). In 1926, after Wyspa Jaskółcza had been connected (at the back of Depot in Kolumba Street) with city, on the island have been located a storehouse. In 1927, after Dąbie Airport had been built, nearby have been constructed a new tram balloon loop. The tram route has led in those days through 4 bridges: Długi, Portowy, above Regaliczka (currently doesn't exist) and Cłowy. It has been the only one at the right bank of Szczecin; currently it does not exist. Before 1929, electric traction was installed above bridges Długi and Cłowy. Earlier trams had been passing those bridges by increasing their speed in front of bridges. Because of inhabitants' requests, already working tram lines have been expanded. The average speed of trams was about 16 km/h. Since 1928, in Szczecin, apart from tram system, have been running also city buses. List of tram lines in 1929:

  • 1 Rennbahn (Tor kolarski) - Flughafen (Lotnisko)
  • 2 Berliner Tor (Brama Portowa) - Wendorf (Słowieńsko)
  • 3 Pommerensdorf (Pomorzany) - Eckerberger Wald (Las Arkoński)
  • 4 Hauptbahnhof (Dworzec Główny) - Krankenhaus (Szpital)
  • 5 Braunsfelde (Pogodno) - Dunzig (Duńczyca)
  • 6 Hauptbahnhof (Dworzec Główny) - Bahnhof Zabelsdorf (Dworzec Niebuszewo)
  • 7 Bellevue (Potulicka) - Frauendorf (Golęcino)
  • 8 Schinkelplatz (plac Kościuszki) - Grabowerstrasse

In 1934 was opened the last tram depot, at 200 Wojska Polskiego Avenue (nowadays Zajezdnia Pogodno). In 1940, line length measured 50,3 km and trams transported 58,8 mln passengers (in 1910 r. only 18,6 mln). After bombardments during World War II, in 1943 and 1944 a lot of routes had been out-of-order, but motormans, owing to their own work, succeeded in launching some of tram routes.

Electric trams near Brama Portowa
Tram route on Zwycięstwa square
Tram Falkenried on Grunwaldzki square
Tram in Wyzwolenia avenue, 1942


During World War II, it has been damaged 45% of tracks, 75% of electric traction, and 50% of trams. After the war, it had been working only one tram depot - depot in Niemierzyńska Street. Therefrom led to Brama Portowa the first postwar line, opened on 12 August 1945. Not all of prewar routes had been rebuilt, like those in Staszica Street, E. Plater Street, Rayskiego Street, part of Malczewskiego Street (from Wyzwolenia avenue to Matejki Street), Wendy Street and through Most Cłowy, while a part of already existing routes had been extended. The first postwar company to manage public transport in Szczecin, was Tramwaje i autobusy miasta Szczecina, in the 1950s its name have been changed into Miejskie Przedsiębiorstwo Komunikacyjne. That company managed 113 trams and 123 trailers. Bus stock have been fully destroyed. In 1945, in Szczecin worked 23 motormans (mainly from Poznań), and at the end of the same year there were already 560 motormans. In 1946 were opened 4 lines, which had a total length of route 16,7 km. 4 April 1947, have been opened the first postwar bus line. Tram lines in 1946:

  • 1 Wojska Polskiego – Brama Portowa
  • 3 Las Arkoński – Dworzec Główny
  • 4 Matejki – pl. Kościuszki
  • 6 Gocław – Lubeckiego
  • 7 Hutnicza – Mickiewicza

Tram lines in 1948:

  • 1 Zajezdnia Pogodno – Wojska Polskiego – Brama Portowa
  • 2 Kołłątaja – Dworzec Niebuszewo
  • 3 Pomorzany – Las Arkoński
  • 4 Powstańców Wlkp. –Dworzec Główny
  • 5 Lubeckiego – Ku Słońcu
  • 6 Gocław – Lubeckiego
  • 7 Żołnierska – Jana z Kolna


In 1956, were working 9 tram lines. Routes of lines 1, 5, 7 and 9 led through currently not existing tram tracks in Wojska Polskiego avenue (from Zwycięstwa square to Szarych Szeregów square), Obrońców Stalingradu Street and at the Old Town. 7 December 1967, about 6:35 o'clock, happened the most horrible catastrophe in history of Szczecin tram transport - tram accident in Wyszaka Street, 15 persons died.

List of tram lines in 1964:

  • 1 Głębokie – Wojska Polskiego – Brama Portowa – Potulicka
  • 2 Dworzec Niebuszewo – Wyzwolenia – Brama Portowa – Wyszyńskiego – Gdańska – Basen Kaszubski
  • 3 Pomorzany – Las Arkoński
  • 4 Pomorzany – pl. Kościuszki – Piłsudskiego – Brama Portowa – Dworzec Główny
  • 5 Krzekowo – Mickiewicza – Jagiellońska – Obrońców Stalingradu – Matejki – Stocznia Szczecińska – Stocznia Remontowa
  • 6 Gocław – Dworcowa
  • 7 Krzekowo – Mickiewicza – Jagiellońska – Obrońców Stalingradu – Wyszaka – Stocznia Szczecińska
  • 8 Gumieńce – Brama Portowa – Gdańska – Basen Kaszubski
  • 9 Zajezdnia Pogodno – Wojska Polskiego – Potulicka

On 1 December 1973, as a result of tendency to close tram lines in the centre of cities, tram transport was abolished in Wojska Polskiego avenue (from former Lenin square – current Szarych Szeregów to Zwycięstwa square), Obrońców Stalingradu Street and Jagiellońska Street (from Wojska Polskiego avenue to Piastów avenue). Apart from closing tracks, new one have been opened in Bohaterów Warszawy avenue (from Jagiellońska Street) and Krzywoustego Street (to Kościuszki square). In 1976, MPK was transformed into Wojewódzkie Przedsiębiorstwo Komunikacji Miejskiej, which managed public transport also in other cities of Szczecin Voivodeship. In 1983, modernisation of tram depot Pogodno was finished.

List of tram lines in 1988:

  • 1 Głębokie – Stocznia Szczecińska
  • 2 Dworzec Niebuszewo – Basen Górniczy
  • 3 Las Arkoński – Pomorzany
  • 4 Pomorzany – Potulicka
  • 5 Krzekowo – Ludowa
  • 6 Gocław – Pomorzany
  • 7 Krzekowo – Basen Górniczy
  • 8 Gumieńce – Basen Górniczy
  • 9 Głębokie – Potulicka
  • 10 Gocław – Potulicka
  • 11 Ludowa – Pomorzany
  • 12 Dworzec Niebuszewo – Pomorzany
Trams Konstal 105N on balloon loop Basen Górniczy in 1975
Trams Konstal N on route 3 in 1975
Konstal 102Na, line 8 at Brama Portowa square in 1975
Trams in Wyzwolenia avenue in 1975

After 2009[edit]

On 1 January 2009, Miejski Zakład Komunikacyjny (operator of trams in Szczecin) was transformed into new company Tramwaje Szczecińskie sp. z o.o. On 1 February 2011, PESA 120NaS „Swing” - first low-floor tram in Szczecin, began operation. On 26 March 2011, started modernisation of tram tracks in Krasińskiego Street, Niemierzyńska Street and Arkońska Street. On 1 March 2012, were changed ticket fares, current time limits are: 15, 30, 60 and 120 minutes. From April to August, during repairs of Brama Portowa square, old tram tracks had been replaced into modern one. After 20 years of being abolished, on 3 September 2012, 10 tram line was launched on new route Gumieńce-Plac Rodła. At the end of 2013, have begun construction of Szczecin Rapid Tram (1st part). End of 1st part construction was said to have ended in April, 2015. 14 April 2014, were finished repairs of tram tracks in Piastów avenue, at the same time began repairs of run-down tram track in Potulicka Street and Narutowicza Street. Repair includes replacing old track and pavements for new. Balloon loop "Potulicka" was also said to have been renovated. In autumn, 2014, have begun repairs of tram tracks in 3 Maja avenue.

Tatra KT4Dt in 3 Maja avenue, 2013
Tatra T6A2D in front of main railway station Szczecin Główny
Low-floor PESA 120Na on line 8 in Wyszyńskiego Street
Konstal 105N2k/2000 trams on Tobrucki square

Tram depots[edit]


  • Golęcin (19 Wiszesława Street)

It was built in 1898. It replaced earlier horse tram depot. The depot was renovated in 1926, 1979 and 1992. The first tram Konstal 105N reached the depot in June 1991. Since May 2001, in Golęcin are also stored trams 105N2k/2000. Since 2008, the depot owns trams Tatra T6A2D, which have been bought from Berlin. Today, Golęcin operates lines 5, 6, 11 and 12.

  • Pogodno (200 Wojska Polskiego avenue)

It is the largest and youngest tram depot. It was built in 1934 and expanded in 1981. All newly bought trams were sent here to 1991. Since the 90s, in the depot have been stored Konstal 105N trams and their newer version, 105N2k/2000. The depot stores also low-floor PESA 120Na and 120NaS2 trams. Except for these trams, Pogodno owns also former Berlin trams Tatra T6A2 and Tatra KT4Dt. Nowadays, depot operates lines 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 12. The depot is currently being renovated.


  • Niemierzyn (18A Niemierzyńska Street) – closed on 1 October 2004 – since 2004 in the depot has been located Museum of Technic and Transport "Depot of Art"
  • Depot in Krzysztofa Kolumba Street (today shops and warehouses).
  • Depot in Piotra Skargi Street (today Municipal Department of Waste Management and bicycle shop).
  • Horse tram depot in Dębogórska Street (currently doesn't exist)
  • Horse tram depot in Dubois Street (currently doesn't exist)
Golęcin tram depot
Pogodno tram depot
Former Niemierzyn tram depot - nowadays museum
Former depot in Krzystofa Kolumba Street

Tram lines[edit]

Normal organisation[edit]

Tram # Route Length Travel time Stops
Szczecin Tram 1.svg Głębokie ↔ Potulicka 9.4 km 34-35 min 20
Szczecin Tram 2.svg Dworzec Niebuszewo ↔ Turkusowa 11.5 km 30 min 17-18
Szczecin Tram 3.svg Las Arkoński ↔ Pomorzany 8.7 km 33-34 min 22
Szczecin Tram 4.svg Krzekowo ↔ Pomorzany 7.7 km 26-27 min 18
Szczecin Tram 5.svg Krzekowo ↔ Stocznia Szczecińska 7.6 km 28-29 min 20-21
Szczecin Tram 6.svg Gocław ↔ Pomorzany 10.9 km 35-36 min 23-24
Szczecin Tram 7.svg Krzekowo ↔ Basen Górniczy 10 km 32-33 min 18
Szczecin Tram 8.svg Gumieńce ↔ Turkusowa 13.03 km 33 min 19
Szczecin Tram 9.svg Głębokie ↔ Potulicka 8.9 km 32-35 min 18
Szczecin Tram 10.svg Las Arkoński ↔ Gumieńce 9.5 km 36 min 22-23
Szczecin Tram 11.svg Ludowa ↔ Pomorzany 8.7 km 35 min 19-20
Szczecin Tram 12.svg Dworzec Niebuszewo ↔ Pomorzany 6.9 km 29 min 18

Temporary organisation[edit]

Lines are working according to normal organisation.

Rolling stock[edit]

Modern cars[edit]

Image Tram type In use since Number of cars
Konstal 105Na 762, tram line 12, Szczecin, 2011.jpg Konstal 105Na 1981 8
Konstal 105NgS 780, tram line 2, Szczecin, 2012.jpg Konstal 105Ng/S 2000 8
Konstal 105Ng/2015 2015 4
Konstal 105N2k2000 1055+1056, tram line 11, Szczecin, 2013.jpg Konstal 105N2k/2000/S 2001 14
Protram 105N2k2000.jpg Protram 105N2k/2000/D 2007 6
Tatra KT4DtM 119, tram line 1, Szczecin, 2013.jpg Tatra KT4DtM 2006 73
Tatra T6A2.jpg Tatra T6A2D 2008 52
Moderus Alfa Szczecin 2009.JPG Moderus Alfa HF09 2008 2
Moderus Alfa Szczecin.JPG Moderus Alfa HF10AC 2011 12
PESA 120Na, Szczecin, Poland (2).jpg PESA 120NaS 2011 6
PESA 120Na, Szczecin, Poland (1).jpg PESA 120NaS2 2013 22
Moderus Beta in Szczecin.jpg Moderus Beta 2014 2

Historical cars[edit]

Tram type Years of production Number of cars
Nordwaggon Bremen 1926 1
Düwag GT6 1958 1
Düwag B4 1957–1960 2
Konstal N 1954 1
Konstal 4N 1956–1962 2
Konstal 4ND 1958 1
Konstal 102Na 1971–73 3

Balloon loops[edit]

Image Name In operation since Tram lines
Basen Górniczy tram loop in Szczecin, 2015.JPG Basen Górniczy 1973 Szczecin Tram 7.svg
Dworcowa ?
Niebuszewo tram loop.JPG Dworzec Niebuszewo 1927 Szczecin Tram 2.svg Szczecin Tram 12.svg
1203 Głębokie Pętla Szczecin.jpg Głębokie 1955 Szczecin Tram 1.svg Szczecin Tram 9.svg
0907 Szczecin Gocław SZN.jpg Gocław 1975 Szczecin Tram 6.svg
120nas gumience szczecin.JPG Gumieńce 1955 Szczecin Tram 8.svg Szczecin Tram 10.svg
Krzekowo 1954 Szczecin Tram 4.svg Szczecin Tram 5.svg Szczecin Tram 7.svg
Las arkonski szczecin.JPG Las Arkoński 1959 Szczecin Tram 3.svg Szczecin Tram 10.svg
105ngs ludowa szczecin.JPG Ludowa 1964-1965 Szczecin Tram 11.svg
Petla pomorzany szczecin.JPG Pomorzany 1961 Szczecin Tram 3.svg Szczecin Tram 4.svg Szczecin Tram 6.svg Szczecin Tram 11.svg Szczecin Tram 12.svg
Szczecin ul Potulicka petla tramwajowa.jpg Potulicka 1969 Szczecin Tram 1.svg Szczecin Tram 9.svg
T6a2d stocznia szczecinska.JPG Stocznia Szczecińska ? Szczecin Tram 5.svg
Tram stop Turkusowa in Szczecin (1).JPG Turkusowa 2015 Szczecin Tram 2.svg Szczecin Tram 8.svg[1]


Coordinates: 53°26′17″N 14°32′32″E / 53.4381°N 14.5422°E / 53.4381; 14.5422