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Trance Around the World
Other names Trance Around the World with Above and Beyond
Genre Trance, Progressive, and Electronic Dance
Running time Two hours
Country United Kingdom
Language(s) English
Home station Anjunabeats Radio (broadcast worldwide through other stations)
Host(s) Above & Beyond (Jono Grant, Tony McGuinness, and Paavo Siljamäki)
Starring Above & Beyond & Various Artists
Announcer Above & Beyond
Creator(s) Above & Beyond
Air dates 13 January 2004 to 11 November 2012 (After a Day for the New Name Called Group Therapy Radio)
No. of episodes 450
Audio format Stereophonic sound
Website Trance Around The World

Trance Around the World (often abbreviated as TATW and also known as Trance Around the World with Above and Beyond) was the title of a weekly radio show hosted by trance DJs Above & Beyond comprising a total number of 450 episodes from 2004 to 2012. The show took the format of a two-hour mix broadcast direct from Above & Beyond's studios in London every Friday 19:00-21:00 GMT, usually presented in a rotation mode between the three DJs in the group and included a guest mix in the final quarter of the show, in which fellow DJs and producers were given 30 minutes of air time. In the final weeks of the radio show, there were approximately 30 million listeners in 35 countries who tuned into the show weekly, which made it one of the most listened to radio shows in the world.[1][2]

Trance Around the World was succeeded by Group Therapy Radio on 5 November 2012.


Home Station[edit]

Anjunabeats Radio is the home station for the show. Each week's episode can be heard live and worldwide on the Anjunabeats home page and also as an on-demand stream available until the next show airs. (Fridays 19:00-21:00 GMT)


The show debuted as a free iTunes podcast on episode #227 on 1 August 2008 (recorded live set from the Global Gathering in Russia).

Radio stations[edit]

(All times are localized for each region's respective time zone)

Regular features[edit]

Each broadcast features two songs selected as Web Vote Winner and Record of the Week as well as a live or prerecorded performance by a guest DJ known as the Guest Mix.

Web Vote Winner[edit]

The Web Vote Winner is voted for by listeners from a list of new songs from the previous week's show. The poll usually took place every week at the Anjunabeats Internet forum, however it has been relocated to Above & Beyond's Facebook page.

Record of the Week[edit]

The Record of the Week is selected by Above & Beyond as their personal choice of the best song in the show.

Stuck in the Box[edit]

Stuck in the Box is a random classic track that is played right before the guest mix. This was a previously retired feature that, since episode 369, was brought back as a current feature.

Guest Mix[edit]

The weekly Guest Mix features a live or prerecorded performance by a guest DJ. It is typically the final 30 minutes of the show. An extensive number of the world's most notable electronic dance DJs have appeared for this feature, including the likes of Armin van Buuren, Judge Jules, Ferry Corsten and many more.

Retired features[edit]

Certain features that were present in the earliest episodes are no longer a part of new episodes.

Unsung Hero[edit]

Unsung Hero was a featured unsigned or demo production. This feature became unnecessary as a great deal of tracks that are now played on TATW are demo or unsigned productions. In early 2004 demos and unsigned productions and remixes were harder to come by.


Occasional episodes are specials that deviate from the standard format the show usually takes.

Episodes 001-100[edit]

  • Episode 042 (2004-12-21): Top 20 of 2004 Special
  • Episode 055 (2005-03-29): 4 hour 'Classics' Special
  • Episode 065 (2005-06-07): Anjunabeats Volume Three Special
  • Episode 093 (2005-12-20): Top 20 of 2005 Special
  • Episode 100 (2006-02-14): 3 hour Special
    • Hour 1: New stuff
    • Hour 2: TATW/Anjunabeats classics
    • Hour 3: A&B's most influential tracks

Episodes 101-200[edit]

  • Episode 106 (2006-03-28): Live Special
    • Hour 1: Above & Beyond live at Nikki Beach, Miami, Florida, USA, 24 March 2006
    • Hour 2: Above & Beyond live at Nocturnal, Miami, Florida, USA, 24 March 2006
  • Episode 119 (2006-06-27): Anjunabeats Volume Four Special
  • Episode 124 (2006-08-01): Above & Beyond live from Global Gathering, Stratford-upon-Avon, UK, 29 July 2006
  • Episode 125 (2006-08-08): competition Special
  • Episode 138 (2006-11-07): Above & Beyond live at Turnmills, London, UK, 3 November 2006
  • Episode 144 (2006-12-19): Top 20 of 2006 Special
  • Episode 160 (2007-04-17): Anjunabeats Volume Five Special
  • Episode 169.5 (2007-06-26): Above & Beyond live at Liquid Club, San Juan, Puerto Rico, 2 June 2007
  • Episode 178 (2007-08-24): Above & Beyond's Summer "Anjunabeach" Mix
  • Episode 196 (2007-12-28): BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix from Above & Beyond, 6 June 2004, winner of "Essential Mix of the Year 2004"
  • Episode 197 (2008-01-04): Above & Beyond live at Anjunabeach party at Goa, India, 28 December 2007
  • Episode 200 (2008-01-25): 200th episode Special featuring more than 70 cuts from tracks that were selected by the listeners and considered to be the very best which have been played in all previous episodes of TATW

Episodes 201-300[edit]

  • Episode 227 (2008-08-01): Above & Beyond live from Global Gathering, Stratford-upon-Avon, UK, 26 July 2008
  • Episode 236 (2008-10-03): Anjunabeats Volume Six Special
  • Episode 248 (2008-12-26): Above & Beyond live from ZoukOut Beach Festival, Singapore, 13 December 2008
  • Episode 250 (2009-01-09): Top 20 of 2008 Special
  • Episode 285 (2009-09-11): Summer Festival Special featuring tracks that Above & Beyond played at live events during the summer of 2009
  • Episode 288 (2009-10-02): Anjunabeats Volume 7 Special
  • Episode 300 (2009-12-25): Fans' Special. The listeners were encouraged to submit video or audio recordings that explained what tracks they would like to hear on the show. These audio clips were played at the beginning of the tracks in the show
  • Episode 300 Part 2: A 9-hour show at Forum Hall, Moscow, Russia featuring DJ sets from Above & Beyond, Kyau & Albert, Super8 & Tab, Mat Zo, PROFF and Daniel Kandi, 12 December 2009

Episodes 301-400[edit]

Episodes 401-450[edit]

  • Episode 404 (2011-12-23): 2011 Web Vote Winners Part 1
  • Episode 405 (2011-12-30): 2011 Web Vote Winners Part 2
  • Episode 415 (2012-03-09): A replay of BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix from Above & Beyond, 2 July 2011, winner of "Essential Mix of the Year 2011"
  • Episode 449 (2012-11-02): Retrospective Special. Above & Beyond takes a look back over 9 years of Trance Around The World
  • Episode 450: A 6-hour show at Jayamahal Palace, Bangalore, India featuring DJ sets from Jody Wisternoff, Andrew Bayer, Norin & Rad, Mat Zo and Above & Beyond, 10 November 2012. First 4 hours of the show were branded as TATW Episode 450, and Above & Beyond's set was a part of Group Therapy Radio Episode 001. Episode 450 was announced as being the final Trance Around the World episode

Group Therapy Radio[edit]

Main article: Group Therapy Radio

On 5 November 2012, Above & Beyond announced the launch of Group Therapy Radio.[3]

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