Trance Syndicate

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Trance Syndicate
Trance Syndicate Logo.jpeg
Founded1990 (1990)
FounderKing Coffey
Defunct1999 (1999)
GenrePunk rock, alternative rock, noise rock, indie rock
Country of originU.S.
LocationAustin, Texas

Trance Syndicate was an independent record label founded in 1990 by King Coffey, drummer of Austin, TX band the Butthole Surfers.[1] Its first release was Crust's The Sacred Heart of Crust EP. From 1990 to 1999, when the label closed down, Trance Syndicate released albums by several notable Texan bands and artists, including Bedhead, Ed Hall, American Analog Set, Furry Things, …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead and Roky Erickson.[2]

Although defunct, Trance Syndicate is survived by the Emperor Jones label, formerly an arm of Trance.



No. Year Artist Title Format
01 1990 Crust Sacred Heart of Crust LP
02 Various artists Love & Napalm, Vol. 1 EP
03 Pain Teens Born in Blood CD, CS, LP
04 1991 Drain A Black Fist 7"
05 Crust Crust LP
06 Crust Feelings 7"
07 Ed Hall Beth 7"
08 Various artists Love & Napalm, Vol. 2 EP
09 Ed Hall Gloryhole CD, CS, LP
10 1992 Pain Teens Stimulation Festival CD, CS, LP
11 Drain Pick Up Heaven CD, LP
12 Cherubs Pink Party Dessert 7"
13 Cherubs Icing CD, LP
14 Various artists Love & Napalm VHS
15 1993 CD, CS, LP
16 johnboy pistolswing CD, CS, LP
17 Pain Teens Destroy Me, Lover CD, CS, LP
18 Cherubs Carjack Fairy / Daisy Poser 7"
19 Crunt Crunt CD, CS, LP
20 Ed Hall Motherscratcher CD, CS, LP
21 Bedhead WhatFunLifeWas CD, CS, LP
22 1994 Distorted Pony Instant Winner CD, LP
23 Crust Crusty Love CD, CS, LP
24 Cherubs Heroin Man CD, LP
25 Various artists Jordan Thomas Nashville Connection CD
26 Cherubs / Fuckemos Cherubs / Fuckemos 7"
27 johnboy Claim Dedications CD, CS, LP
28 Roky Erickson We Are Never Talking / Please Judge 7"
29 Bedhead 4songCDEP19:10 CD, CS, LP
30 Butthole Surfers Good King Wencenslaus 7"
31 A.C. Acoustics Able Treasury CD
32 Sixteen Deluxe Idea / Honey 7"
33 Roky Erickson All That May Do My Rhyme CD, CS, LP
34 A.C. Acoustics Hand Passes Plenty CD, LP
35 Butthole Surfers The Hole Truth... and Nothing Butt CD
36 Ed Hall La La Land CD, LP
37 1995 Sixteen Deluxe Backfeed Magnetbabe CD, LP
38 Various artists ¡Cinco Años! CD
39 Furry Things Still California / Car Songs Unlimited 7"
40 Starfish Stellar Sonic Solutions CD, CS, LP
41 Pain Teens Beast of Dreams CD, CS, LP
42 1996 Bedhead The Dark Ages 7"
43 Furry Things The Big Saturday Illusion CD, LP
44 Buffo Here Our Cry 7"
45 Windsor for the Derby / Desafinado Earnest Powers / Envy The Big Noises 7"
46 Windsor for the Derby Calm Hades Float CD, LP
47 Drain Drain 7"
48 Cherubs Short of Popular CD
49 Drain Offspeed and In There CD, LP
50 Bedhead Beheaded CD, LP
51 Sweet Pea Chicks Hate Wes CD
52 1997 Starfish 4-Song EP 7"
53 Furry Things Hedfones CD
54 Windsor for the Derby Metropolitan Then Poland EP
55 Starfish Frustrated CD, LP
56 1998 Furry Things Moments Away CD
57 1997 Windsor for the Derby / Drain The Kahanek Incident, Vol. 1 EP
58 Electric Company / Furry Things The Kahanek Incident, Vol. 2 EP
59 Eight Frozen Modules Daydream Nightmare EP
60 Labradford / Stars Of The Lid The Kahanek Incident, Vol. 3 EP
61 Starfish The Instrumental CD
62 Eight Frozen Modules The Confused Designer CD
63 Windsor for the Derby Minnie Greutzfeldt CD, LP
64 Furry Things Frequent Lunacy CD
65 1998 Paul Newman Frames Per Second CD, LP
66 ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead CD, LP
67 Bedhead Transaction de Novo CD, LP
68 Monroe Mustang Plain Sweeping Themes for the Unprepared CD, LP
69 1999 Bedhead Lepidoptera 7"
70 Paul Newman Only Love Can Break Your Heart CD, LP

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