Trance Visionary

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Trance Visionary
Trance Visionary (Wishbone Ash album).jpg
Studio album by Wishbone Ash
Released 1997
Genre Rock
Producer Mike Bennett
Wishbone Ash chronology
Trance Visionary
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Trance Visionary is an electronic-based dance studio album by rock band Wishbone Ash recorded during 1996. It features techno and dance collaborations between band leader Andy Powell and electronica guru Mike Bennett. The album received mixed reactions among Wishbone Ash fans upon its release but became a huge hit in underground dance circles: several of the songs appeared on the Top 100 dance charts in the United Kingdom. It featured Powell alongside brand new members guitarist Mark Birch and bassist Bob Skeat, as well as returning drummer Ray Weston. Trance Visionary was followed up with Psychic Terrorism the following year.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Numerology"
  2. "Wonderful Stash"
  3. "Heritage"
  4. "Interfaze"
  5. "Powerbright (Black & White Screen)"
  6. "Remnants of a Paranormal Menagerie"
  7. "Narcissus Visionary"
  8. "Trance Visionary"
  9. "Flutterby"
  10. "Banner Headlines"
  11. "The Loner"
  12. "Powerbright Volition"
  13. "Gutterfly"
  14. "Wronged by Righteousness"