Trances (album)

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Robert Rich's Trances.jpg
Studio album by Robert Rich
Released 1983
Recorded April 1983 at Stanford University and August 20, 1983 in Menlo Park, California
Genre Ambient, drone
Length 49:07
Label Soundscape Productions
Producer Robert Rich
Robert Rich chronology

Trances (1983) is the second album by the American ambient musician Robert Rich. Like his first album Sunyata, this album consists of slow, textural drone music.

In 1994 this album was bound with Rich's third album, Drones, on the two-disc set Trances/Drones. In this release the title track from Sunyata was added to Trances.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Cave Paintings" – 23:54
  2. "Hayagriva" – 25:13