Trang Tien Plaza

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Tràng Tiền Plaza
Trang Tien Plaza.jpg
Location Hanoi, Vietnam
Opening date 2001
Developer Vinaconex
Total retail floor area 20,000 m²
No. of floors 6

Tràng Tiền Plaza is a shopping center located in the downtown of Hanoi, Vietnam. The complex's construction began on April 30, 2000 when Vietnamese people celebrated 25th anniversary of The liberation of the south of Vietnam. The complex was finished after 18 months of construction.


Tràng Tiền Plaza offers more than 215,000 square feet (20,000 square meters) space for offices, retail shops, coffee and food outlets.

  • First floor: Apparel and Fashion Stores
  • Second floor: Fashion and cell-phones Stores
  • Third floor: Household equipment Stores
  • Fourth floor: Super markets and Grocery retailers
  • Fifth floor: Offices and Restaurants
  • Sixth floor: Offices


Coordinates: 21°01′29″N 105°51′12″E / 21.02472°N 105.85333°E / 21.02472; 105.85333