Trango Virtual Processors

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Trango Virtual Processors
Founded 2004
Headquarters Grenoble, France
Key people
Pierre Coulombeau, founder and COO, Fabrice Devaux, founder and CTO

Trango Virtual Processors was founded in 2004 by Pierre Coulombeau and Fabrice Devaux as a subsidiary of ELSYS Design group. Trango's purpose was to develop a real-time mobile hypervisor. It was acquired by VMware in October 2008.[1]


Trango developed a mobile hypervisor that supported ARM architectures (ARMv5 and ARMv6) and MIPS architectures, and could run Symbian OS, WinCE, and Linux mobile operating systems, and a supporting integrated development environment (IDE).

VMware rebranded Trango's product as the VMware Mobile Virtualization Platform, which was later renamed VMware Horizon Mobile.[2][3]


Trango Virtual Processors competes with other providers of virtualization software, including VirtualLogix's VLX, Open Kernel Labs's OKL4, as well as open source hypervisors such as L4 and Xen.

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