Tranqui Island

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Tranqui Island (Chiloe)
Native name:
Isla Tranqui (de Chiloe)
South east of Chiloé Island: Quellón, Chaullín, Acuy, Tranqui, Coldita, Cailin, Laitec, Queilén
Coordinates42°57′40″S 73°28′06″W / 42.961073°S 73.46826°W / -42.961073; -73.46826Coordinates: 42°57′40″S 73°28′06″W / 42.961073°S 73.46826°W / -42.961073; -73.46826
RegionLos Ríos
ProvinceChiloé Province
Additional information
NGA UFI=-903291

Tranqui is an island of the Chiloé Archipelago in southern Chile. It has three sectors: San Jose, Tranqui Nepué and Sentinel, all with small populations. A significant part of its forest still has not been touched by the subsistence agriculture which forms the bulk of the province's rural economy.[1]


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