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The Trans-oriental Rally was a motor rally which started in St. Petersburg on June 12, 2008 and ended next to the Great Wall of China near Beijing on June 28, 2008.


It was an alternative to the Lisboa 2008 Dakar Rally which was cancelled due to fears of terrorism. Among the drivers on the race was François Delecour, two-time winner of the Monte Carlo Rally.

There were 16 legs planned:

Stage Date From To
1 June 12 Russia St. Petersburg Russia Rogatchevo
2 June 13 Russia Rogatchevo Russia Petrovsky
3 June 14 Russia Petrovsky Russia Yelabuga
4 June 15 Russia Yelabuga Russia Mrakovo
5 June 16 Russia Mrakovo Bogotse
6 June 17 Bogotse Kazakhstan Arkalyk
7 June 18 Kazakhstan Arkalyk Kazakhstan Botakara (via Astana)
8 June 19 Kazakhstan Botakara Kazakhstan Ayaguz
9 June 20 Kazakhstan Ayaguz China Karamay
10 June 21 China Karamay China Turpan
Rest day
11 June 23 China Turpan China Hami
12 June 24 China Hami China Quinguan
13 June 25 China Quinguan China Alxa Youqi
14 June 26 China Alxa Youqi China Bayanhot
15 June 27 China Bayanhot China Hohhot
16 June 28 China Hohhot China Beijing


To date there have been two fatalities on the race:

  • Chinese driver Xu Lang, June 17 (from injuries sustained a day earlier)[1]
  • French motorcyclist Philippe Tonin, June 17

The latter fatality led the Russian Kamaz team to withdraw.[2]


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