TransBus Enviro200

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Transbus Enviro200
Enviro 200 wiki.jpg
Front view of the Enviro200 when on trial with London General.
Manufacturer TransBus/Alexander Dennis
Production 2003 - 2006
Body and chassis
Doors 2 door
Floor type Low floor
Chassis Alexander Dennis Enviro200
Engine Cummins ISBe

The TransBus Enviro200 (later known as the Alexander Dennis Enviro200) is a midibus designed by TransBus International (now Alexander Dennis) for the UK market, intended as the successor of the Dennis Dart SLF.


Alexander Dennis Enviro200 at Cobham Bus Rally in 2013.
A 2008 view of the rear of the bus, showing how the rear doors are arranged.

Originally unveiled at Coach & Bus 2003, the vehicle was unique in that it had a door both at the front and at the rear of the bus, as such a layout is rare in the UK (most dual-door buses in the UK have a door at the front and another door around the centre of the bus). This was achieved by placing the engine vertically at the rear offside together with other driveline components, which also created a full low floor layout, common on buses in Continental Europe.

The innovative design meant that the Enviro200 could hold up to 25% more passengers than a vehicle of equivalent dimensions (10.4m long, 2.4m wide), with a capacity of 77, both seated and standing.

The vehicle also incorporated an "Enviro Pack", intended to vent exhaust emissions, noise and heat away from ground level and thus alighting passengers.

Despite a demonstrator operating long term trials in London, no orders were received for the bus. The unconventional two-door layout and the collapse of TransBus International in 2004, and the subsequent restructuring of the company into Alexander Dennis, did little to help the marketing of such an unusual vehicle. The other 2 examples were previously in service with private operator Far East Travel of Ipswich, and the rear-door was very rarely used. The two Far East Travel Enviro200s and the ex-demonstrator were later acquired by Buses Excetera of Guildford.

A diesel-electric hybrid was also offered in the form of the Enviro200H with battery packs stored on the roof and looked certain to enter TfL trials, though the collapse of TransBus paved the way for the competing Wright Electrocity to win the order.

The Enviro200 Dart[edit]

On 20 March 2006 Alexander Dennis announced the replacement for its best selling Pointer Dart range, to be known as the Enviro200 Dart, with the vehicle being launched at a media event at the Alexander Dennis factory in Guildford in August of that year.

It retains the conventional rear-engined layout of the Dart and offers the same seating capacity of the Pointer, but with more 'fixed' seats rather than 'tip up' for each length. The Enviro200 Dart chassis is also available with East Lancs and MCV bodywork. And the body of Enviro200 Dart became available on MAN 14.240 chassis since 2007.

The Enviro200 Dart is now referred to simply as the "Alexander Dennis Enviro200", creating confusion between the two models.

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