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TransMontaigne Inc., formerly NYSE:TMG, is a oil pipeline and terminal company based in Denver, Colorado. In 2006, it was the 269th largest company in the United States[1] and as of 2012 it was the 17th largest privately owned company.[2] On September 1, 2006, it became a wholly owned subsidiary of Morgan Stanley, and subsequently delisted from the New York Stock Exchange. In 2014, Morgan Stanley sold TransMontaigne to NGL Energy.[3]

TransMontaigne Partners L.P. (NYSETLP) is a publicly traded Delaware limited partnership formed by TransMontaigne Inc. in February 2005. TransMontaigne Partners is a terminaling and transportation company, headquartered in Denver. It has operations along the Gulf Coast, in Brownsville, Texas, along the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers and in the U.S. Midwest. Terminals are located in Alabama, Georgia (U.S. state), Florida, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, Wisconsin and Quebec, Canada. Additional offices are located in Mount Pleasant, TX, and Roswell, GA.


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