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Located Prince Edward, Hong Kong

Trans Island Limousine Service Ltd a subsidiary of Kwoon Chung Bus Company. It is the main cross-boundary bus company in Hong Kong. The company is established in 1973, the main business now is providing cross boundary coach service between Hong Kong and Guangdong Province, China/Shenzhen International Airport.

From 2010, TIL work with SZIA to provide up-stream check-in services for passengers taking a flight from SZIA in Hong Kong. Up-stream check-in service is available in a number of TIL ticketing centers, including Mong Kok (Prince Edward), Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon Tong, Sheung Wan and Shenzhen Bay Port. This service is free if tourists are taking TIL bus from the above stops to SZIA.

Since, Nov 2010, TIL provided an online ticketing platform .

Introduction / Branding[edit]

Coach Service[edit]

Trans Island Limousine Service Ltd is based in Hong Kong and use the following brands to provide cross boundary services:

  • Trans Island Chinalink for services from Hong Kong to Guangdong Province, China
  • Kwoon Chung Trans Island Shenzhen Airport Link for services from Hong Kong to Shenzhen International Airport.
  • GoGo TIL for services from Hong Kong International Airport to Guangdong Province, China and Shenzhen International Airport.

Limousine Service[edit]

Inter-Continental Hire Care Ltd is established in 1968 as a subsidiary of Trans Island Limousine Service Ltd. The main business of IHC is providing cross boundary limousine and coach private hiring service, and is branded "Limo Club".

It also provides hotel shuttle service from Hong Kong International Airport and most of the hotels in Hong Kong. It is under the brand of "Airport Hotelink". It is the sole operator providing shuttle services to hotels from HKIA.

Routes to Guangdong Province[edit]

Stops in Hong Kong:

Stops in Guangdong:

Route to Shenzhen Bay Port[edit]

Route to Shenzhen Airport[edit]

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