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Transnational Bank
Industry Financial Services
Founded 1984
Headquarters Nairobi, Kenya
Key people
Michael Cherwon
Sammy Lang’at
Chief Executive Officer
Products Loans, Checking, Savings, Investments, Debit Cards
Revenue Increase Aftertax: US$1.86 million (KES:158.1+ million) (2013)
Total assets US$113.6 million (KES:9.66 billion) (2013)
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Transnational Bank (TNB), whose complete name is Transnational Bank Kenya Limited, is a commercial bank in Kenya. It is one of the forty-four licensed commercial banks in the country.[1]


TNB was established as a non-bank financial institution (NBFI) in 1984, under the name Transnational Finance Company (TNFC). TNFC provided loans, including lease-purchase arrangements to depositors and non-depositors. In 1985, following the issuance of a commercial banking license by the Central Bank of Kenya, the national banking regulator, the company began banking operations under its current name in Nairobi and Mombasa. At first other locations in the country continued to operate as TNFC offices. Between 1985 and 1996, all TNFC activities were merged with TNB and the TNFC brand was closed. The bank has one subsidiary; TNB Forex Bureau, located at Moi International Airport in Mombasa. The bank is also affiliated with Western Union, the American International money-transfer service.[2] In 2009, TNB introduced Internet banking and mobile banking through mobile telephones.[3]


The bank is a medium-sized commercial bank in Kenya, East Africa's largest economy. As of December 2013, its assets were valued at about US$113.6 million (KES:9.66 billion), with shareholders' equity of nearly US$22 million (KES:1.87 billion). The bank maintains 17 networked branches in Kenya, as of August 2014.[4]


The shares of stock of Transnational Bank are privately held by Kenyan institutions and individuals. As of December 2010, the major shareholders in the bank were as depicted in the table below:[5]

Trans National Bank Kenya Stock Ownership
Rank Name of Owner Percentage Ownership
1 Archers and Wilcock Limited 23.75
2 Sovereign Trust Limited 23.03
3 Duggan Limited 15.42
4 Pyramid Trustee Limited 15.12
5 November Nominees Limited 07.28
6 Simbi Investors 04.11
7 Losupuk Limited 02.79
8 Kenyerere Limited 02.15
9 Samkolit Kenya Limited 0.42
10 Toiyoi Investments Limited 0.21
11 Others 05.74
Total 100.00

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