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Trans Studio Bandung is an amusement park in Bandung, Indonesia. Trans Studio is built on a land with size of 4.2 hectares with an investment cost up to 2 trillion Rupiah.[1] Trans Studio Bandung is composed of several sections, among others: a shopping mall called Trans Studio Mall (of usually referred as TSM), a recreation park called Trans Studio and a luxury hotel called Trans Studio Hotel.

Trans Studio Mall Bandung[edit]

Trans Studio Mall Bandung (TSM) is the largest shopping mall in Bandung, Indonesia. The mall is located at Jalan Gatot Subroto, and has 5 floors in total. The mall's tenants include a Metro Department Store,[2] Gramedia,[3] a movie theater TSM XXI,[4] Trans Studio Bandung,[5] Hero Supermarket,[6] and many more. The mall is part of the CT Corp, owned by Chairul Tanjung. With the addition of a theme park Trans Studio Bandung and Trans Luxury Hotel, the Trans Studio complex has become a one-stop entertainment site for tourists. Trans Studio Mall Bandung also has a lot of photo spots which makes the shopping mall becomes more fun for teenagers and young adults. The main atrium of the shopping mall is decorated by hundreds of paper butterflies which make this spot is the most beautiful spot throughout the shopping mall. Other than for tourism, the shopping mall also family friendly with the existence of a movie theater TSM XXI and a theme park Trans Studio Bandung.


Earlier Trans Studio Mall Bandung was called with a name of Bandung Supermall. The mall opened at October 25, 2001. On June 30, 2012, the name of the mall was changed from Bandung Supermall into Trans Studio Mall Bandung.[7]


The Trans Studio Mall Bandung has both local as well as international tenants. Some of the most notable local tenants are: Batik Keris, Bebek Garang, Metro, Gramedia and many others. Some of the most notable international tenants are: Guess, Hugo Boss, Lacoste, Mango, Nike, Starbucks Coffee and many more. Most of the luxury brand stores are located on the first level, while the fourth level has mostly cafes and restaurants. There is also a movie theater, called TSM XXI, that is located on the fifth floor.

Notable Events[edit]

The amphitheatre of Trans Studio Bandung has reportedly caught fire on Tuesday, 14 October 2014.[8] Fortunately, the fire was able to be contained 15 minutes after the occurrence. As for the potential cause, the General Manager for Marketing Communication of the Trans Studio Bandung Integrated Area, Grandy Prajayakti, shared that the fire had engulfed a flammable material in the theme park.

On 19 March 2016, the mall had a blackout starting from 20:30.[9] This blackout is part of the Earth Day ceremony. On 14 April 2015, the mall hosted a fashion show called FASHIONATIC2015.[10] The fashion show is focused toward local Indonesian culture fashion, e.g., batik, rather than a regular fashion show. On 31 October 2015, the mall also hosted an Halloween Party where there were of people dressed like a ghost.[11]

Trans Studio Bandung[edit]

Trans Studio Bandung
Location Indonesia Bandung, West Jawa, Indonesia
Coordinates -6.924897, 107.635850
Owner Trans Studio
Opened 18 June 2011
Area 10.378 acres (4.200 ha)
Total 20 rides

Trans Studio Bandung Theme Park is one of the biggest indoor theme park in the world.[12] It was opened in June 18, 2011 in the area of Bandung Supermall as the second theme park in Indonesia after Trans Studio Makassar, which was opened in 2008. In comparison to the Trans Studio Makassar, the attractions in Trans Studio Bandung are more adventurous and challenging since they mainly target young adults whereas the ones in Makassar are more suitable for family. Trans Studio Bandung theme park is divided into 3 different themes with a total of 20 rides.[13] Visitors will feel the experience of becoming a star also become a men behind the scene of your favorite TV programs in TRANS TV and TRANS 7, such as 'Dunia Lain', 'Jelajah', 'Si Bolang' and many more.

Studio Central[edit]

The Studio Central section has an old Hollywood theme. Visitors can see a number of Hollywood artists such as Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson & Jeng Kelin on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood 60’s architectural design style.

  • Yamaha Racing Coaster (a launched roller coaster manufactured by Premier Rides)
  • Super Heroes 4D The Rides
  • Broadcast Museum
  • Dunlop Trans Car Racing
  • Indosat Galaxy Vertigo (a Power Surge manufactured by Zamperla)
  • Trans City Theatre
  • Giant Swing
  • Si Bolang Adventure (A dark ride themed to an Indonesian kids TV program)
  • Science Center
  • Dunia Anak

Lost City[edit]

The Lost City section has many adventurous rides, such as rescuing the Trans TV crews in their expedition to the jungle along the safari track.

  • Jelajah
  • Kong Climb
  • Sky Pirates
  • Amphitheater

Magic Corner[edit]

The Magic Corner section has six attractions:

  • Negeri Raksasa
  • Black Heart's Pirate Ship
  • Dragon Raiders
  • Pulau Liliput
  • Dunia Lain
  • Special Effect Action Show


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