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Douglas DC-7B of Transair Sweden at Copenhagen Airport in 1968

Transair Sweden AB (ICAO: TB) was a charter airline from Sweden that operated until 1981.

Company history[edit]

Transair Sweden[a] began as Nordisk Aerotransport AB in 1950 with the purpose of flying newspapers from Stockholm to other locations in Sweden using Airspeed Oxford aircraft.

In 1953 passenger charters were begun using Douglas DC-3 and soon after the name was changed to Transair Sweden. In 1957 the Curtiss-Wright C-46 Commando cargo aircraft was introduced. Douglas DC-6 acquired from SAS were introduced in 1959.

From 1965 nine Douglas DC-7B were bought from Eastern Airlines and were added to the fleet for charter use and for flights during the civil war in Congo on behalf of the United Nations.

Freight flights on behalf of SAS were begun to cities such as Malmo, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Amsterdam and Paris. In 1967 Boeing 727-134s were acquired but those were not kept very long. However, a year later Transair was bought by Svenska Handelsbank and financing was introduced to acquire jet aircraft again. Shortly thereafter SAS took a majority holding in Transair Sweden and the airline was kept flying independently under its own colors taking tourists to Spain, the Canary Islands and other Mediterranean destinations. In 1981 SAS sold all the 727s and the employees were integrated into SAS.[1]

Fleet details[edit]

Douglas DC-6 at Soderstrom, 1965

Business management[edit]


  • 1959-1966 - Gösta Ellhammar

Chairman of the Board[edit]

  • 1958-1963 - Knut Bjuhr
  • 1963-1966 - Bengt Elmgren
  • 1973-1978 - Knut Hagrup

Accidents and incidents[edit]


  1. ^ Not to be confused with another company with similar nae that operated between 2002–2003.




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