Transbrasil Flight 801

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Transbrasil Flight 801
Boeing 707-349C, Aer Lingus AN0308252.jpg
The Boeing 707-349C involved in the Aer Lingus livery 3 years before the accident
Date21 March 1989 [1]
SummaryStall caused by human error on approach. Crashed 2km from the airport
SiteVila Barros, Guarulhos - State of São Paulo, Brazil
Total fatalities25 (3 on the aircraft, 22 on the ground)
Aircraft typeBoeing 707-349C
Flight originManaus
DestinationSão Paulo-Guarulhos International Airport
Injuriesover 200 (on the ground)

Transbrasil Flight 801 (TR801/TBA801) was a scheduled cargo flight from Eduardo Gomes International Airport to São Paulo-Guarulhos International Airport that crashed on 21 March 1989. The Boeing 707 crashed in the heavily populated slum in Guarulhos 2km from the runway. The crash resulted in the death of all 3 crew members and 22 people on the ground along with over 200 injured.[2]


The aircraft involved was a Boeing 707-349C registration PT-TCS with manufacturer serial number 19354 and line number 503.[3] It was powered by 4 Pratt & Whitney JT3D-3B Turbofan engines, the aircraft’s first flight was on 9 June 1966, meaning that it was 22 years and 10 months at the time of the crash and has accumulated 61,000 flight hours.[1] The same plane was used in the 1970 movie Airport when the plane belonged to Flying Tiger Line.[4] It then flew with other airlines such as Aer Lingus and British Caledonian Airways before being sold to Transbrasil.[5]


The accident occurred at 11:54am, Brasilia time. The aircraft was making a high speed approach to runway 09R of São Paulo–Guarulhos International Airport as the runway was set to be closed in 6 minutes’ time for runway maintenance. One of the crew members activated the air brakes by mistake. This resulted in the aircraft losing too much airspeed and stalling. The aircraft then crashed into a residential area near Rua Rua Regente Feijó and Rua Sandovalina in the Jardim Ipanema neighborhood approximately 2km from the runway.[1] The aircraft was carrying over 15,000 liters of jet fuel at the time of impact, which caught fire immediately, resulting in the death of all 3 crew members on board and 22 civilians in the slums along with over 200 injured.[2] The aircraft was loaded with 26 tonnes of television sets and toys from the Manaus Free Trade Zone, all of which were destroyed.[6] This was the first serious crash since the inauguration of São Paulo-Guarulhos International Airport on 20 January 1985.

Investigation and aftermath[edit]

The investigation carried out by the Department of Civil Aviation at the time indicated that the accident was caused by human error, the aircraft had been inspected two months before the accident and was considered "fit" to operate.

Transbrasil later compensated the families of the victims seven months after the accident.

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