Transdanubian Mountains

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Transdanubian Mountains
Badacsony, an isolated mountain in the range. In ancient times, it was an active volcano
Location Komárom-Esztergom, Fejér, Veszprém, Zala, Pest counties, Hungary
Territory 7,000 km²
Highest point Pilis, 757 m
Lowest point Danube river
Terrain Lower mountains and hills
Transdanubian Mountains within physical subdivisions of Hungary

The Transdanubian Mountains (sometimes also referred to as Bakony Forest, Dunántúl Highlands, Highlands of Dunántúl, Highlands of Transdanubia, Mountains of Dunántúl, Mountains of Transdanubia, Transdanubian Central Range, Transdanubian Hills, Transdanubian Midmountains or Transdanubian Mid-Mountains, Hungarian: Dunántúli-középhegység)[1][2] are a mountain range in Hungary covering about 7000 km². Its highest peak is the Pilis, with a height of 757 metres.


Visegrád Mountains are often considered a part of it for geopolitical reasons, but geographically they are part of the North Hungarian Mountains.

Map of the Transdanubian Mountains


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Coordinates: 47°15′00″N 17°50′00″E / 47.25°N 17.8333°E / 47.25; 17.8333