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Map of proposed stations and routes of Virginia Transdominion Express

The Transdominion Express (TDX) was a proposed passenger rail transportation project in Virginia in the United States.

The service, was planned connect with existing and planned high-speed rail corridors, and complement existing intercity and commuter railroad services.


Several attempts by Virginia state senator John S. Edwards to create an authority to manage the proposed line have died in the appropriations committee of the Virginia House after passing in the Senate in 2008.[1][2][3]

While the creation of a dedicated authority failed in the Virginia legislature, in October 2009, the legislature approved subsidies to Amtrak to provide increased service on its Northeast Corridor service from Washington, DC to Lynchburg and Richmond. Ridership on the Lynchburg line from inception through the end of July 2010 exceeded 103,000 passengers, more than 250 percent the estimates for the first year of service.[4]

In late 2013, the project went on hold with a lobbying committee remaining.[5]

TDX routes and stations[edit]

Transdominion Express would extend from Richmond west to Lynchburg and from Washington, DC (Alexandria) south via an existing Virginia Railway Express route to Manassas, extending on south to Charlottesville, Lynchburg, Roanoke and Bristol on the Tennessee border.[6]


The TDX service was planned to potentially offer passenger connections with these rail services:

Greyhound Lines and Carolina Trailways intercity bus routes also serve many of the areas, and intermodal passenger service could offer even more connections.


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