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A Transfare is an inter-modal ticket available for a single journey within Tyne & Wear.

Transport modes[edit]


Transfare tickets are valid on:

A rail journey counts as a single 'leg', even if it involves a change between Metro lines or between Metro and Northern Rail services.


Transfare tickets are valid on the Shields Ferry across the River Tyne.

Use of bus service 333 between the North Shields ferry landing and North Shields Interchange counts as part of the ferry 'leg'


Transfare tickets are issued and accepted by most bus companies operating services in Tyne & Wear; including Arriva North East, Go North East and Stagecoach North East.

Bus/Bus Interchange[edit]

Interchange between buses is permitted in one of three circumstances.

General Regulations[edit]

  • The final segment of the journey must start within 90 minutes of the ticket being issued.
  • The complete journey must be entirely within Tyne and Wear.

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