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Transformers: The Last Knight
Film score by
ReleasedJune 23, 2017
GenreFilm score
LabelLa-La Land Records Paramount Music
ProducerSteve Jablonsky
Transformers chronology
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''Transformers: The Last Knight''

Transformers: The Last Knight – Music from the Motion Picture is a soundtrack album for the 2017 film of the same name. The score was written by Steve Jablonsky, who composed the scores for the previous four films in the series.

Track listing[edit]

Various tracks in the score reprise themes from the previous films. that Jablonsky wrote for the previous films. The score also features several suites, including "Purity of Heart" and "Stay and Fight". Jablonsky also reused the track "Have Faith Prime", a piece he composed for Age of Extinction; this track isn't included in the score.

In an interview, Jablonsky spoke of the unusual length of the soundtrack, citing that much of his work in the film was cut up in the editing process. As a result, he chose to release a longer score that featured much of his original, unedited music for the film. Some tracks, such as "Sacrifice" and "We Have to Go", were heavily edited for the film, while the score's version of said tracks are unedited suites. For instance, the "Sacrifice" suite runs at seven minutes, but was cut down to three minutes in the film. In addition, the "Merlin's Staff" suite, which is six minutes long, was cut down to a thirty-second piece in the film. The "Quintessa" suite was cut apart into at least nine small tracks in the film.

The film's complete score was released by Paramount Pictures in January 2018, as part of their "For Your Consideration" campaign.[1]

# Track Name Scene and Musical Description Length
1. Sacrifice "Sacrifice" is a suite for King Arthur and the Knights of Iacon. A shortened version of the track is played during the film's opening sequence, where Merlin calls upon the Knights of Iacon to help King Arthur and his men in battle, followed by Dragonstorm joining the fight. The suite builds upon the theme introduced in "Purity of Heart", and in the film it's featured as a three-minute track. 6:47
2. The Coming of Cybertron "The Coming of Cybertron" is a suite for Cybertron. The suite is reprised numerous times in the film, namely during a scene dealing with Cybertron or the impending threat to Earth. In the film, the suite first plays when King Arthur's men start fighting the Saxons, which is the second half of the suite. The first half of the track then plays when Sir Edmund Burton narrates the status of Earth and the Transformers. Part of the piece is also featured in the opening battle with the knights. The piece features a five-note motif which plays almost non-stop, and at different tones and variations. 4:59
3. Merlin's Staff "Merlin's Staff" is a suite for Merlin. Parts of this piece are played in the film's opening flashback. Unlike Jablonsky's previous scores for the series, this track brings a more classical tone to the film's score. Most of the suite is not featured in the film, and is instead cut into a thirty-second piece which plays as Merlin rides over to the Knights' ship. 5:49
4. No-Go Zone "No-Go Zone" plays as a group of kids roam through an area of war-torn Chicago. They are confronted by a TRF Walker, and escape alongside Izzy. The track is made of entirely new material, and doesn't consist of themes that are reprised anywhere else in the soundtrack. 3:29
5. Stay and Fight "Stay and Fight" is a suite that isn't applied to any particular character (though it could be for the TRF). A two-minute segment of the suite plays when Barricade sees Cade, before Cade is faced with the TRF. The ending of the track is played when the TRF submarines go into the Knights' ship. The suite mainly consists of gentle vocals and strings. 6:26
6. Code Red "Code Red" plays as the Decepticons head towards Cade's junkyard, and the Autobots make their escape. The track features a brief reprise of the "Autobots" theme. 2:13
7. Izzy "Izzy" is a suite for the character of the same name. The suite is cut down to a minute long track in the film, which plays as Izzy speaks with Cade at the junkyard. 4:00
8. Purity of Heart "Purity of Heart" is a suite; though it's not played in the film, the theme it contains is featured various times throughout the score. The track features a three-note motif, which becomes higher and variates as the music intensifies. The track was featured on the film's official website two months before its release, and it was also used in several TV Spots. Other tracks including the "Purity of Heart" theme include "Seglass Ni Tonday", "Cogman Sings" and "Sir Edmund Burton". 3:34
9. Megatron Negotiation "Megatron Negotiation" plays when the TRF decides to strike a deal with Megatron; they'll provide him a team of Decepticons if he retrieves the talisman. The first minute of the track features a deep synthesizer, which transitions to a series of rock and rock-esque motifs that play as the Decepticons are introduced. 3:38
10. Today We Hunt "Today We Hunt" plays when Megatron meets with his new Decepticon crew, and along with the TRF they set off to find Cade's Autobots. The track is made of entirely new material, and doesn't consist of themes that are reprised anywhere else in the soundtrack. 1:47
11. Running Out Of Tomorrows "Running Out Of Tomorrows" plays when Izzy works with Cade on fixing Bumblebee's voice. The track is made of entirely new material, and doesn't consist of themes that are reprised anywhere else in the soundtrack. 1:21
12. Drone Chase "Drone Chase" plays as Cade, Jimmy and Izzy try to evade the TRF's drones. The track features a variety of techno-like motifs, though it doesn't contain themes present anywhere else in the score. 5:08
13. You Have Been Chosen "You Have Been Chosen" plays when Cogman speaks to Cade on the road. It reprises the track "Transformium", a piece Jablonsky composed for Age of Extinction. It is not known why Jablonsky reprised "Transformium" for the piece, as the theme bears no relation to the scene. Jablonsky also reprises the Autobots theme in this piece, which plays as Cade flies off to England. 2:18
14. Seglass Ni Tonday "Seglass Ni Tonday" is a suite that plays when Cade and Bumblebee head to England to meet Burton. The suite is not played in its entirety in the film, in which the beginning of the suite, as well as the buildup to the dramatic ending of the track, are used when Cade and Bumblebee go to Burton's mansion. The suite also utilizes part of the "Sir Edmund Burton" theme suite, and ends with a dramatic reprise of the "Purity of Heart" suite combined with elements of Burton's theme. The title of the piece comes from the phrase the Knights of Iacon chanted when the talisman became the Excalibur. 6:27
15. Quintessa "Quintessa" his a suite for Quintessa. In the film, the track is split into around nine shorter tracks, each of which play in a scene related to either Quintessa or Unicorn. Excerpts and renditions of the suite play during Quintessa's scenes with Optimus, and also during scenes where Unicron's horns sprout from the Earth. The piece takes on an eerie tone, with several uncanny horns playing throughout it. Towards the end of the piece, the horns intensify before suddenly stopping; this segment is played in the film's post credits scene. Unlike some of the series' other villain themes, such as "The Fallen", "Sentinel Prime" and "Lockdown", the "Quintessa" track has no defined motif and simply contains a series of eerie horns. 6:36
16. Vivian "Vivian" serves as the theme to Viviane in this film. The piece combines a series of mellow piano notes and strings. Unlike the other character themes introduced in the film, "Vivian" is never used in any form, even in scenes with the character. 3:52
17. Abduction "Abduction" plays when Viviane is abducted by her car, which is revealed to be the Autobot Hot Rod. At two minutes in, the track introduces a new theme which is reprised in the track "History of Transformers". 3:04
18. History of Transformers "History of Transformers" plays when Sir Edmund Burton tells Cade and Viviane about the secret past of the Transformers on Earth. At two points in the piece, namely towards the end, the Autobots theme is briefly reused. The action motif introduced in Abduction is also reprised during the flashback to Bumblebee and Hot Rod attacking the Nazis. The track opens with a choral motif, similar to that of other tracks in this score, such as The Greatest Mission of All and Sir Edmund Burton. 4:23
19. Cogman Sings "Cogman Sings" plays as Burton tells Cade he is "the last knight", and Cogman interrupts the moment by playing an organ and later singing. The track reprises the "Purity of Heart" theme; the first half of the piece features a reprise that combines strings and a background chorus, which is suddenly interrupted by a loud organ piece. In this case, the music breaks the fourth wall, as Cogman is actually playing the organ segment of the piece. The second half of the piece features a dramatic chorus of the "Purity of Heart" theme. The chorus gets overly dramatic when it's revealed that Cogman is the one "singing", once more breaking the fourth wall by singing part of the film's score. 2:09
20. Vivian Follows Merlin "Vivian Follows Merlin" plays as Vivian and Cade search through her father's belongings, and realize they must find the H.M.S. Alliance. Barricade, the TRF and MI5 then pursue Burton and Cogman, as well as Cade, Vivian and Bumblebee through the streets of London. The piece introduces a deep brass motif which is reused several times throughout the track. It's not known who this motif is for; it is also reprised in "Prime Versus Bee" but is never applied to any character or setting. At various points throughout the track, Jablonsky reprised "Hong Kong Chase" from Age of Extinction - however, like the reprise of "Transformium" in "You Have Been Chosen", it's not known why he chose to reprise the theme as it bears no resemblance to the scene. Although in both films, the Hong Kong Chase is played during chase scenes, which may pose a correlation. 6:41
21. The Greatest Mission of All "The Greatest Mission of All" plays as Burton bids farewell to Cade and Viviane aboard the H.M.S. Alliance, and the submarine then heads into the ocean. The track opens with a high-pitched choral piece, which seems to be a rendition of the chorus in "Sir Edmund Burton". It then builds to a dramatic series of drums, which is followed by a high-pitched rendition of "Abduction". 2:19
22. Dive "Dive" plays as the TRF submarines follow the H.M.S. Alliance through the ocean. The track doesn't introduce any new or old motifs, and mainly focuses on deep synthesizers and drums. 3:15
23. Two Moons "Two Moons" plays as Izzy remarks that there's "two moons" in the sky - when in reality it's Cybertron colliding with Earth's moon. Parts of the track resemble the opening of "We Were Gods Once" from Dark of the Moon. The track opens with an eerie two-note buildup, which is followed by several loud bass impacts. 2:03
24. Merlin's Tomb "Merlin's Tomb" plays as Cade and Vivian find Merlin's tomb in the Knights of Iacon's ship. Much of the piece relies on low vocals, and it briefly reprises Merlin's theme from "Merlin's Staff". 3:18
25. Claim the Staff "Claim the Staff" plays as the TRF confronts Cade and Vivian and attacks Skullitron, before Optimus intervenes and takes Merlin's staff. 3:36
26. Prime Versus Bee "Prime Versus Bee" plays as Optimus fights Bumblebee atop the Knights of Iacon's ship. The piece opens with a dramatic series of vocals and drums as the ship rises to the ocean's surface. It is then followed be a series of drums and synthesizers as Optimus starts fighting Bumblebee, and Cade and Lennox run across the ship. The piece briefly reprises the deep brass motif introduced in "Vivian Follows Merlin", although the significance of this motif is not known. 2:45
27. Your Voice "Your Voice" plays as Optimus regains his senses shortly before Megatron takes the staff; Optimus is attacked by the Knights of Iacon before being saved by Cade and declaring war against Quintessa. The piece opens with a reprise of "No Sacrifice, No Victory" from Transformers, which plays as Optimus regains his senses. The piece transitions to a deep choral segment, which plays as Megatron torments Optimus, and is followed by a dramatic chorus as the Knights attack Optimus. A drum version of the motif from "The Coming of Cybertron" builds in intensity until a new, dramatic choral theme, which is later used in "We Have to Go", plays as Cade wields the Excalibur sword. The track then features a reprise of "Arrival to Earth" from Transformers, and concludes with a triumphant strings theme. 4:34
28. I Had My Moment "I Had My Moment" plays as Sir Edmund Burton dies, and as Optimus rallies the Autobots before the final battle. The first half of the piece combines light-toned strings and vocals as Burton dies by Cogman's side. The second half of the piece is a reprise of "Arrival to Earth" from Transformers, which plays as Optimus rallies the Autobots. 2:29
29. Ospreys "Ospreys" plays as the V-22 Ospreys carrying Cade, Vivian and the TRF soldiers fly to Cybertron for the final battle. This is a new action piece that is only used once in the film. 1:49
30. Battlefield "Battlefield" plays as the TRF soldiers and Autobots begin their fight against Megatron and the Infernocons. In comparison to the final battle music Jablonsky composed for the previous films, which were extremely dramatic and combined a wide variety of instruments, "Battlefield" takes on a calmer tone, combining a series of strings and drums throughout the piece. "Battlefield" opens with a set of prominent drums, which are later merged with strings for much of the piece. 3:43
31. Did You Forget Who I Am "Did You Forget Who I Am" plays as the tide of the battle turns, and Optimus arrives with Dragonstorm to battle Infernocus. The piece features a brief reprise of "Hong Kong Chase", with the reason for the reprise still being unknown. It is then followed by a brief reprise of the "Autobots" theme. The piece then builds to a dramatic reprise of "You're A Soldier Now" from Transformers. This reprise is a slower version of the original theme, and also excludes several of the original notes from it. The dramatic drum segment at the end of the piece is also reused at the end of the film, when Optimus rides away from the collapsing part of Cybertron. 1:56
32. We Have To Go "We Have to Go" plays as Cade and Viviane head for Cybertron's ignition chamber, where Quintessa tries draining Unicron's energy to resurrect Cybertron. The piece starts off with several powerful piano notes, which build in intensity and are combined with a series of brass elements. The last third of the piece becomes very dramatic, combining a series of strings and vocals. "We Have to Go" was also used in the film's official trailer, but at the time wasn't confirmed as part of the film's score. The main theme introduced in this piece is also featured in the piece "Your Voice", and elements of it are also present in "Battlefield".

The film version of We Have to Go differs greatly from the album version. The album version makes the track more of a suite, similarly to "Vivian" and "Stay and Fight", as it gets more dramatic as the piece progresses but is never played in its entirety during the film. The complete version of the track opens differently, and utilizes louder drums from "Battlefield". Towards the ending of the track, two new cues are introduced as Optimus fights Megatron and then Quintessa.

33. Calling All Autobots "Calling All Autobots" plays as Optimus saves Cade and Viviane from the collapsing ignition chamber, before they reunite with the other Autobots and set off towards Cybertron. The piece opens with a dramatic series of strings and brass elements, before quieting down as Optimus rides away from the collapsing ignition chamber. In the film, the ending segment of "Did You Forget Who I Am" is reprised, but it's exempted from the album version. The track transitions to a reprise of "No Sacrifice, No Victory" from Transformers and "I Rise, You Fall" from Revenge of the Fallen - continuing the intended tradition of reusing the theme for the ending of the Transformers films. Several notes in the track are removed when compared to the version of "No Sacrifice, No Victory" from the first two films. The piece ends with a new, dramatic variation of "No Sacrifice, No Victory", part of which plays into the film's credits. 2:55
34. Sir Edmund Burton "Sir Edmund Burton" is a suite for the character of the same name. It opens with a deep chorus piece, which is also taken after by the track "The Greatest Mission of All". It then transitions to a classical violin theme for Burton, which is featured in "Seglass Ni Tonday". The piece concludes with a reprise of the "Purity of Heart" theme. 4:10


Chart (2017) Peak
Belgian Albums (Ultratop Wallonia)[2] 148


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