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Transformers: Unicron
Cover art for issue #0 drawn by Sara Pitre-Durocher.
Publication information
PublisherIDW Publishing
Hasbro, Inc.
FormatLimited series
Publication dateMay 5 – November 14, 2018
No. of issues0-6
Main character(s)Hasbro Comic Book Universe
Creative team
Written byJohn Barber
Artist(s)Alex Milne
Colorist(s)Sebastian Cheng

Transformers: Unicron is a science fiction comic book limited series presented by IDW Publishing, in collaboration with Hasbro. The series is being written by John Barber, with art from penciller Alex Milne and colorist Sebastian Cheng. Issue #0 was published during Free Comic Book Day (May 5, 2018) before running from July to October 2018, featuring crossovers with Optimus Prime.[1]

The series introduces Unicron into the Hasbro Comic Book Universe following the events of First Strike. The character had previously appeared on the Marvel comic book and the "Unicron Trilogy" anime series (Armada, Energon and Cybertron), specifically the comics version of the series produced by the defunct publisher Dreamwave Productions.

This series marks the conclusion of the Hasbro Comic Book Universe, in advance of a forthcoming reboot.[2][3]



When Cybertron was invaded by human forces, Merklynn tried using the Talisman to transform the planet into a new version of Prysmos, but those actions caused Cybertron itself to send a message that awakened Unicron as a side effect.[4][5] Meanwhile, Shockwave revealed himself to be alive, having been sent back in time and taken the mantle of "Onyx Prime" to manipulate many events in the past in order to be prepared for Unicron's arrival.[6]

Main story[edit]

Following his awakening, Unicron started attacking Elonia, the home planet of the Solstar Order. In a desperate attempt to save Elonia, Rom the Space Knight joins forces with the Autobots, with Wheeljack devising a plan to teleport everyone on Cybertron, but the signal of the Titan Emissary is interfering. Optimus Prime, Arcee and Rom deduce that Elonia is infected with Ore-12, one of the Regenesis Ores created by Shockwave for the "Dark Cybertron" prophecy.[7] After Arcee killed Emissary, Wheeljack teleports everyone back to Cybertron, but at the cost of him being left behind when Elonia was totally consumed. Windblade contacts the Autobots and informs them about Unicron destroying Cybertron's colonies; Optimus is aware that Earth could become a potential target. Meanwhile, Unicron completely consumes the colony of Eukaris.[8]

As Unicron approaches to consume Caminus, Optimus and his allies battle the Maximals, Shockwave's former allies, to get get inside Unicron's system and investigate more about it, only to find the body of an Omega Sentinel, leading them to question everything they believed and denied about their origins. When Unicron starts consuming Caminus, the Mistress of Flame sacrifies herself against the Maximals so her people can escape to Cybertron. Back on Cybertron, Starscream and Shockwave discuss how to use the poisoned Energon supplies to destroy Unicron, while Optimus and Windblade conclude that only Cybertron and Carcer remain before Unicron destroys Earth. In that moment, Starscream takes advantage to broadcast a message proclaiming himself the "savior" of Cybertron. Following Elonia's destruction, Rom tries to convince the survival Space Knights not to surrender.[9]

As Optimus and Strascream argue each other about how they could save Cybertron, Bludgeon and Liege Maximo reveal themselves to being sided with Unicron, betraying the Decepticon Vengeance Division. Bumblebee accidentally connects himself with the comatose Omega Supreme, who reveals him that an ancient planet was ravaged by war, and a scientist created a doomsday device that gave birth to Unicron, alongside other repercussions like Prysmos' destruction and the Dire Wraiths' mutation. With Omega Supreme dying in the process, Bumblebee realises that in order to destroy Unicron, all Transformers must die. Back on Earth, Scarlett and her G.I. Joes are under attack by the Maximals, only to be saved by Snake Eyes and Skywarp.[10]

Arcee recognizes that planet from Bumblebee's vision as Antilla, where Shockwave intended to invade, but following that planet's desctruction, they found that same Antillian weapon (later dubbed as "The Talisman") to poison Cybertron at purpose and destroy Unicron. Optimus deduced that Unicron was created to bring retribution against all Transformers for invading Antilla. While Windblade has her own plan, Unicron destroys the colony of Carcer, killing everyone on board, except for Elita One and Victorion. When Strascream decides to flee the planet, Soundwave and the citizens don't allow it. Back on Earth, the reunited M.A.S.K. team attempts rescuing a few civilians from a building under fire.[11]

Windblade informs the Visionaries that everyone should abandon Cybertron. The Talisman's magic transporting everyone around the planet before Unicron destroys it by ripping it in two. Back on Earth, most of the people are transported from Cybertron, with Shockwave reappears in Toronto, Canada, taking the opportunity to create his own Decepticon empire, but Bludgeon switches loyalties to Unicron by attacking the Decepticons' Sanctuary Station. Shockwave deduces that Unicron is alive due to the Talisman being removed; it resides in the Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park on the Zambia-Zimbabwe border in Central Africa. After the attack against the Peaceful Revolution, Prowl radios Optimus to alert him to Unicron's approach, and the latter vows that he will find a way to save the Earth. Back on Microspace, the Micronauts receive a visit from their leader Oz Rael, who warns them about Unicron attacking Earth.[12]

Back on Earth, many heroes and villains join forces to stop Unicron, deducing the Regenesis ores it consumed are threatening the fabric of reality. On Toronto, Canada, Shockwave becomes surprised of Bludgeon's treachery. During a massive confrontation against the Maximals, Destro uses the M.A.S.S. device to teleport everyone to Mount Rushmore. As a last resort, Starscream, Thundercracker and Skywarp transport Optimus, Arcee and the Talisman inside Unicron's center. For the Visionaries, they were transported in the past time, where Prysmos was still intact.[13]

Up in orbit, Starscream activates the Talisman, sacrificing his life, leading Optimus Prime and Arcee to find Unicron's heart, where a supermassive black hole around rests. As they watch, the Talisman disappears into the singularity, and Optimus laterleaps in after it. His physical body is compressed to pure information, and he once again finds himself in Infraspace, with the Talisman at his feet, and the Antillan scientist who created the Talisman. Optimus attempts to talk to the scientist, but the alien lashes out at him. Back at Mount Rushmore, Soundwave activates the Enigma of Combination with Stardrive's Wraith magic and the Talisman, desintegrating himself. In Infraspace, Optimus extends a hand toward Unicron's creator in peace, and asks him his name. The scientist he doesn't remember it, but he does remember his daughter's, who died during Antilla's war with Cybertron, setting him on this path of death and revenge. Optimus pulls the alien into an embrace, and calls upon him to remember that name now, with both dyng in peace together, as the power of the Talisman collapses Unicron's body into the black hole at its own heart. A despondent Shockwave is taken into custody, while Pyra Magna becomes the new Mistress of Flame, with Slide joining her and the other species on Earth as their new home.[14]


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