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Transformers Comic UK
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Publication information
Publisher Titan Comics
Schedule Monthly
Format Action adventure Sci-Fi
Publication date July 2007-September 2014
Main character(s) Autobots, Decepticons
Creative team
Written by Simon Furman, Robin Etherington
Artist(s) Geoff Senior
Colorist(s) Robin Smith
Editor(s) Steve White, Rona Simpson

Transformers Comic was a British Comic based on the Transformers toyline and film series, published monthly by Titan Magazines between 2007 and 2014. It often featured strips re-printed from American comics and graphic novels. The first issue was released in July 2007 to tie in with the release of the film. The comic went through five different volumes and title changes, before the final issue went on sale in August 2014, after a run of seven years.

Publication history[edit]

Volume 1 ran for 25 issues before the second volume began in 2009 to tie in with the release of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Volume 3 began in 2011 to tie in with the third film and a fourth launched soon after for the animated series; Transformers: Prime. The fifth and final volume began in June 2014, coinciding with the release of the fourth Transformers film, Transformers: Age of Extinction, and was cancelled after three issues. The final issue went on sale on 21 August 2014.

For the last few issues of Volume 1, the Transformers: Universe toy line logo was on the cover.


During the first volume, the comic printed three strips per issue. These included brand new strips written by Simon Furman (his work continued into volume 2) and some re prints such as the Beast Wars series (also by Furman) and the Movie Prequel. By volume 3, the magazine had a lower amount of pages and only one strip was usually seen. The most recent strips from volumes 3 and 4 are written by Robin Etherington.

Free gift[edit]

Each issue came with a free gift. #1 had dog tags with Autobot or Decepticon logos on them, #2 had removable tattoos, #3 had a keyring, which would be either the Autobots or Decepticons logo, and #4 had 4 badges.

Transformers Animated Comic[edit]

In 2009, Titan released a comic based on the animated series Transformers: Animated; however, it only lasted for three issues due to low sales. The first strip to be published in the magazine was 'Burnout' written by Simon Furman. Another strip in the first issue was an adaptation of the episode 'Blast from the Past'.

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