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The official Transformers Hall of Fame was created by Hasbro to honor those most influential creators and developers of the Transformers toy and entertainment franchise, along with some of the more popular Transformers characters.[1] The Hall of Fame contains seventeen characters and ten humans as of 2015.

Selection process[edit]

Each year, Hasbro selects which individuals will be inducted into the human portion of the Hall of Fame. Hasbro also selects certain characters which it feels are deserving of enshrining in the Transformers portion of the Hall of Fame.[2] For the purposes of the Hall of Fame, characters are not differentiated between the different continuities. Character biographies tend to reflect the characters are they are represented in Hasbro's current unified continuity.[3]

Hasbro solicits additional nominations from various Transformers fan sites for the Fans' Choice Inductee. The top five nominees are eligible for election to the Hall of Fame, and voting takes place in April on the official Transformers website. The winner is announced at the Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony.[4]

Induction ceremony[edit]

The Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony occurs each year at BotCon, the official Transformers fan convention. The event is semi-formal, with inductees and presenters in formal attire, with attendees in business casual attire. In 2010, the ceremony was a dinner held at the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resorts and Convention Center in Lake Buena Vista, Florida.[5] The 2011 ceremony was held at the Pasadena Convention Center in Pasadena, California.

Each human inductee is awarded a trophy, depicting Optimus Prime holding up the Matrix of Leadership, and is allowed to make an acceptance speech. Each character inducted, and each Fans' Choice finalist, is honored with a music video. (Erector was honored with a mockumentary, rather than a music video.) The Fans' Choice Inductee is revealed with a music video set to "The Touch."


Human inductees[edit]

Inductee Class Contribution
Bay, MichaelMichael Bay[6] 2011 Director of the four Transformers live-action films.
Budiansky, BobBob Budiansky 2010 Writer of the original Marvel Transformers comics.
Wrote most of the Generation One character profiles.
Cullen, PeterPeter Cullen 2010 Long-serving voice actor of Optimus Prime in several incarnations of the franchise, most notably The Transformers, Transformers Prime, and the film franchise.
Furman, SimonSimon Furman 2012 Writer of a multitude of Transformers comics.
Latta, ChrisChris Latta 2012 Voice of Starscream, Wheeljack, and Sparkplug Witwicky in Generation One.
Ono, KojinŌno Kōjin 2010 Designer of first Transformers toys.
Spielberg, StevenSteven Spielberg 2011 Executive Producer of the live-action films.
Yoke, HideakiHideaki Yoke 2010 Takara's lead designer of Transformers.
Bush, StanStan Bush 2014 Songwriter and vocalist of several songs from The Transformers: The Movie. [7]
Welker, FrankFrank Welker 2015 Voice actor for several characters, most notably Megatron and Soundwave in Generation One and Transformers Prime.
Dicola, VinceVince Dicola 2015 The composer of The Transformers: The Movie.

Character inductees[edit]

Inductee Class Continuity
Optimus PrimeOptimus Prime 2010 Multiple
BumblebeeBumblebee 2010 Multiple
MegatronMegatron 2010 Multiple
StarscreamStarscream 2010 Multiple
DinobotDinobot 2010 Beast Wars
SoundwaveSoundwave 2011 Multiple
IronhideIronhide 2011 Multiple
RatchetRatchet 2011 Multiple
WaspinatorWaspinator 2011 Multiple
GrimlockGrimlock 2012 Multiple
JazzJazz 2012 Multiple
ShockwaveShockwave 2012 Multiple
WheeljackWheeljack 2012 Multiple
Beast Wars MegatronBeast Wars Megatron 2013 Beast Wars/Beast Machines
Ultra MagnusUltra Magnus 2013 Multiple
ArceeArcee 2014 Multiple
RodimusRodimus 2014 Multiple
ProwlProwl 2015 Multiple
PredakingPredaking 2015 Multiple
CosmosCosmos 2016 Multiple
Optimus PrimalOptimus Primal 2016 Beast Wars/Beast Machines

Fans' choice finalists[edit]


Inductee Continuity
DinobotDinobot[8] Beast Wars
GrimlockGrimlock Multiple
JazzJazz Multiple
ShockwaveShockwave Multiple
SoundwaveSoundwave Multiple


Inductee Continuity
WaspinatorWaspinator Multiple
ErectorErector Generation 1
GrimlockGrimlock Multiple
JazzJazz Multiple
ShockwaveShockwave Multiple


Inductee Continuity
WheeljackWheeljack Multiple
ArceeArcee Multiple
Beast Wars MegatronBeast Wars Megatron Beast Wars/Beast Machines
RodimusRodimus Multiple
Sky-ByteSky-Byte Multiple


Inductee Continuity
ProwlProwl Multiple
ArceeArcee Multiple
Beast Wars MegatronBeast Wars Megatron Beast Wars/Beast Machines
RodimusRodimus Multiple
Ultra MagnusUltra Magnus Multiple