Transglobal Secure Collaboration Participation

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Transglobal Secure Collaboration Participation
Transglobal Secure Collaboration Participation logo.gif
Predecessor Transatlantic Secure Collaboration Project
Formation 2002
Type Non-profit

The Transglobal Secure Collaboration Participation, Inc. (TSCP), which sponsors the Transglobal Secure Collaboration Program, was established in 2002 as a collaborative forum of organizations in the defense industry to address security issues with collaboration. TSCP is a government and industry partnership for secure electronic transmission and sharing of sensitive information internationally.


The group was originally called the Transatlantic Secure Collaboration Project, based in the USA and the UK.[1] The first phase of a framework was published by US and UK contractors by March 5, 2003.[2] For TSCP members (which include government departments and agencies, as well as system integrators and defense manufacturers) this framework enables secure access to other members’ sensitive data by creating a collaborative environment based on trust mechanisms. TSCP’s chain of trust includes government entities and their prime contractors, as well as suppliers. Its focus expanded from secure data access to data-centric information protection, particularly as a defense against cyber threats. It is based in Vienna, Virginia, USA.[3]




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