Transgressions: A Journal of Urban Exploration

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Transgressions: A Journal of Urban Exploration was a British magazine founded in 1995. Although only four magazines were produced during its lifetime, it was a double-issue (nos 2/3). Its contents reflected the emergence of new forms of psychogeographical activity in the 1990s. A more playful and sensuous direction was charted, nodding more to the situationism of Asger Jorn than Guy Debord, with frequent allusions to the "magico-Marxism" current amongst British groups, such as the reformed London Psychogeographical Association. The first usage of the term "magico-Marxism" appears to have been in this magazine, in 1996.[1]

The magazine also introduced the work of the Italian "situationauts"[2] as well as various psychogeographical initiatives, some of which have a post-avant-garde insistence on "ordinary lives".[3] The magazine was edited by Alastair Bonnett and published by Salamander Press, London.[4] It ended publication in 2001.[4]


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