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Transilien Line R is one of the sectors in the Paris Transilien suburban rail network. The trains on this sector depart from Paris-Gare-de-Lyon in central Paris, as well as from Melun station in the suburbs. Transilien services between Paris and Lyon are part of the SNCF Gare de Lyon rail network. The line has 60,000 passengers per weekday.[1]

Services include:

  • Paris-Gare-de-Lyon–Melun–Montargis
  • Paris-Gare-de-Lyon–Melun–Fontainebleau–Montereau
  • Melun–Héricy–Montereau

Stations served[edit]

Montargis line[edit]

Montereau line[edit]

Montereau line (via Héricy)[edit]


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