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Transit Systems
IndustryBus & ferry transportation
Key people
Clint Feuerherdt (CEO)
ParentLance Francis
Graham Leishman
Neil Smith
Sita Buslines
Swan Transit
Territory Transit
Torrens Transit
Tower Transit London
Tower Transit Singapore
Transit Systems Sydney

Transit Systems is an Australian-based public transport company. It was founded in 1995 by Lance Francis, Graham Leishman and Neil Smith who together had operated Bayside Buslines in Brisbane, Peninsula Bus Lines on the New South Wales Central Coast and Sunliner Express on the east coast in the 1980s and early 1990s.

Current Australian operations[edit]

Transit Systems' business units in Australia are:[1]

Swan Transit[edit]

Swan Transit is a bus operator in Western Australia. Founded in 1995, it was the first business unit of Transit Systems to be created.[7] In its first four years, Swan Transit was awarded five bus contracts in Perth and they commenced operations between 1996 and 1998. Swan Transit later acquired other contracts in Perth as well, with all of its contracts operating under the Transperth brand. Swan Transit also commenced 10 year contracts to operate services in Bunbury and Busselton under the TransBunbury and TransBusselton brands in January 2015.[8][9]

Territory Transit[edit]

Territory Transit is a bus operator in Darwin. It constitutes part of the Darwinbus bus service. Territory Transit took over the Darwin Bus Service operation in October 2014, after Transit Systems successfully tendered the contract in July that year.[10][11]

Torrens Transit[edit]

Torrens Transit is a bus operator in Adelaide. It first founded in 2000 when it commenced operating the Adelaide Metro East-West contract under contract to the Government of South Australia, which was renewed in July 2011. In April 2005, Torrens Transit commenced operating the North-South and Outer North East contracts, but these contracts later passed to Light-City Buses in October 2011. Due to continuous poor performance by Light-City Buses, eight of their routes were stripped off and were returned to Torrens Transit in April 2013.[12][13][14] In June 2018, Torrens Transit acquired the Light-City Buses business and integrated it into the Torrens Transit brand.[15]

Transit Systems Sydney[edit]

Transit Systems Sydney is a bus operator in south western Sydney, operating region 3 of the Sydney Metropolitan Bus System Contracts. It commenced operations in October 2013, taking over services from the incumbent operators. In July 2018, Transit Systems took over the operation of region 6 in the Inner West from State Transit on an eight-year contract.[16]


Transit Systems acquired on-demand transport company Bridj in October 2017 following the cessation of its operations in the United States earlier that year.[17][18] Bridj started operations in Sydney with the Wetherill Park demand service in December 2017, followed by the Inner West demand service in July 2018.[19] In August 2018, it also took over the Eastern Suburbs demand service from Transdev's RIDE Plus,[20][21] while the Wetherill Park service ceased operations.[22]

Transit Systems plans to introduce more Bridj on-demand services into other Australian cities as well as London.[23]

Sita Buslines[edit]

Sita Buslines is a bus and coach operator in Melbourne. It was acquired by Transit Systems in April 2019, marking Transit System's entry into the Victorian bus market.[6]

Overseas operations[edit]

Transit Systems' overseas business units are:

Tower Transit[edit]

Tower Transit is a bus operator in London. It was formerly part of First London's operations until Transit Systems bought the operations and garages in June 2013.[26]

Tower Transit Singapore[edit]

Tower Transit Singapore is a bus operator in Singapore, operating 26 routes out of Bulim Bus Depot as part of the Bulim Bus Package, with the contract awarded in May 2015.[27][28] The company took over the bus operations from incumbent operators SBS Transit and SMRT Buses between May and June 2016.

Former operations[edit]

In November 2015, Transit Systems sold all of its marine operations to SeaLink Travel Group, which includes:[7][29]

Bay Islands Transit (BITS)[edit]

Bay Islands Transit, also referred to as BITS, is one of Transit Systems' ferry operations in Moreton Bay, Brisbane. It operates services between Redland Bay and the Macleay, Lamb, Karragarra and Russell Islands in Southern Moreton Bay. BITS operated ferry services since 1982.[30] In 2005, it was acquired by Transit Systems.[7]

Gladstone Ferries[edit]

Gladstone Ferries is a passenger and vehicular ferry operation in Gladstone, Queensland, transporting workers to Curtis Island to support the construction of a liquefied natural gas plant on the island. The operation started in February 2011, following the award of two contracts for the ferry services.[31][7]

Stradbroke Ferries[edit]

Stradbroke Ferries is the other of Transit Systems' ferry operations in Moreton Bay. It was founded by Frank Dobias and Geoff Ford in 1963.[32][33][7] Stradbroke Ferries was acquired by Transit Systems in 2011. Prior to this, Transit Systems also owned the Big Red Cat ferry operation, acquired in 2007. The Big Red Cat operation merged with the Stradbroke Ferries operation after the acquisition of the latter.

Go Whippet[edit]

Go Whippet was a bus operation in Cambridgeshire, England.[34] It was purchased by Transit Systems in November 2014, and then sold to Ascendal Group in October 2018.[35][36][37]


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