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A transit of Jupiter across the Sun as seen from an outer planet (Saturn, Uranus, or Neptune) takes place when the planet Jupiter passes directly between the Sun and the outer planet, obscuring a small part of the Sun's disc for an observer on the outer planet. During a transit, Jupiter can be seen from the outer planet as a small black disc moving across the face of the Sun.[1]

Jupiter's satellites could be seen at the same time, but their angular diameter would only be about 1" at Saturn and even less for more distant planets, and they would therefore be very hard to see.


  • The Jupiter-Saturn synodic period is 19.85887 years (7253.45 days).
  • The mutual inclination of the orbits of Jupiter and Saturn is 1.25°.

The most interesting case would be a transit of Jupiter from Saturn. The last one was in 1226, and the next is in 3728; but both are grazing (the center of Jupiter would not appear to pass over the Sun to an observer at the center of Saturn). Jupiter's center last crossed the Sun in 86 BC; the next time comes in 7541. Jupiter will block from five to six percent of the Sun in those transits, more than any other transit involving two planets in the Solar System.

Transits of Jupiter from Saturn
September 16, 86 BC
May 17, 1226 grazing
October 29, 3728 grazing
October 15, 6171 grazing
April 13, 6687 grazing
March 17, 7541


  • The Jupiter-Uranus synodic period is 13.81195 years (5044.81 days).
  • The mutual inclination of the orbits of Jupiter and Uranus is 0.70°.
Transits of Jupiter from Uranus
September 19, 146 BC
September 6, 21 BC
February 2, 781
January 11, 906
November 30, 988
July 6, 1706 grazing
May 11, 1789
May 3, 1914
October 24, 2714
September 11, 2922


  • The Jupiter-Neptune synodic period is 12.78219 years (4668.69 days).
  • The mutual inclination of the orbits of Jupiter and Neptune is 0.94°.
Transits of Jupiter from Neptune
December 12, 871
February 13, 1038 grazing
February 20, 1447
April 30, 1613 grazing
August 8, 2188
October 6, 2354


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