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The Transition School and Early Entrance Program (TS/EEP) is an early college entrance program located on the University of Washington campus at the Halbert and Nancy Robinson Center for Young Scholars. The program was begun in 1977 by the late Halbert Robinson, who recognized the need for extremely gifted students to have an accelerated academic program. The Transition School, founded in 1980, gives a small group (usually 16-18) of talented middle school age students the chance to enter the University of Washington while also developing the skills, knowledge, and support needed to succeed in college. The Center is now under the direction of Dr. Nancy B. Hertzog, and the associate director of TS/EEP and Transition School Principal is Dr. Maren Halvorsen. The physicist Ernest M. Henley is a former physics instructor.

The Early Entrance program starts with a one year Transition School. Enrolled students are generally called TSers. At most 18 middle school age students (no older than 15, usually 14, but there have been students as young as 12) are enrolled each year. They are initially provided with a curriculum comprising five courses, English, History, Pre-Calculus, and Biology during fall and winter quarters. In the spring quarter, the Biology class ends, and the students each enroll in an entry-level University class of their choice. The curriculum changed Fall 2015, replacing Physics with Biology. This provides a taste of what actual University work is like before making a full transition to university classes in the following fall.

Following the Transition School, the students become full-time freshmen at the University, and many also enter the University's Honors Program. Students usually stay at University of Washington for four years, culminating their Early Entrance Program years with a bachelor's degree.

The Transition School and Early Entrance Program is a non-residential program open only to residents of Seattle, Washington and the surrounding area. Prospective students from other areas are welcome to apply if they are willing to move to the Seattle area upon acceptance.

Quick facts about the program[edit]

  • In 2003, the Robinson Center for Young Scholars received the Brotman Award for Instructional Excellence from the University of Washington.
  • The Robinson Center also has summer programs for talented students in the Seattle metro area.
  • There have been 3 Rhodes Scholars and 1 Rhodes Finalist from the Early Entrance Program
  • In 2002, the Robinson Center added another early entrance program, the Academy for Young Scholars. Academy students drop out of high school at the end of tenth grade and enter the University of Washington as freshmen Honors students.

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