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Transmac Pak On Bus Depot
Dennis Dart SLF

The Transportes Urbanos de Macau S.A.R.L. (Transmac; Chinese: 澳門新福利公共汽車有限公司) is one of the three public bus operators in Macau, China, along with New Era (Macau New Era Public Bus Co Ltd) and TCM (Transportas Companhia de Macau). It began service in 1988, taking over the service provided by its predecessor "Fok Lei Autocarro S.A.".

In Mainland China, Transmac operates bus services in Xinhui and Wuhu under the name Xinfuli. Before 2008, Xinfuli also operated in Guangzhou and Foshan, but this two cities's Xinfuli has been purchased by others.

Currently Transmac owns 3 depots in Macau and Taipa, namely Ilha Verde depot, Pac On Depot and Macau Tower Depot.




  • Dennis Dart SLF 11m for 20---from 2005
  • Higer 10.8m KLQ6108GQ30 for 128---from 2011
  • Higer 12m KLQ6126G for 15---from 2008
  • Higer 12m KLQ6126G for 15---from 2009


  • Dennis Dart SLF 10m for 20---from 2004
  • Higer 10m KLQ6101GE3 for 15---from 2008
  • Higer 9.3m KLQ6930G for 25---from 2007
  • Higer 9.3m KLQ6930G for 25---from 2008
  • Higer 9.3m KLQ6930G for 25---from 2009





  • Dennis Dart 9.8m for 10---from 1995 to 2011
  • Higer KLQ6101G for 30---from 2006 to 2011
  • Higer KLQ6930G for 35---from 2007 to 2011
  • Isuzu JCR460ZZ for 10---from 1988 to 2005
  • King Long XMQ6103G for 5---from 2005 to 2011
  • MAN 13.230 HOCL/R for 10---from 1997 to 2011
  • Mercedes-Benz Vario O814---from 1997 to 2010


Transmac Routes[edit]


Transmac operates 22 route in Macau.[1][2]

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