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CJSC Transmashholding
Closed Joint Stock Company
Industry Railway Transportation
Founded Russia, 2002
Headquarters Moscow, Russia
Number of locations
14 in Russia,
1 in Germany
Area served
Russia, Eastern Europe
Products locomotives, railway vehicles
Services repair operations and service maintenance
Revenue $1.78 billion[1] (2016)
$134 million[1] (2016)
$26.7 million[1] (2016)
Total assets $2.1 billion[1] (2016)
Total equity $910 million[1] (2016)
Owner Breakers Investments B.V. (100%)[2]
Iskander Makhmudov
Andrey Bokarev
TransGroup AC
RZD (25% +1.[4])

Other shareholders: Alstom (25%)
Caterpillar Inc. (9%)
Number of employees
more than 53,000

CJSC Transmashholding is the largest manufacturer of locomotives and rail equipment in Russia, with annual sales of US$3.2 billion and a workforce of 55,000 people in 2008. The company includes 14 engineering and production sites in Russia and one production and engineering site in Germany.[5]


CJSC Transmashholding was established in 2002. The President of the company is Andrei Bokarev and the current Chairman of the Board, as of November 2012, is Anatoly Ledovskikh.[6][note 1]

In 2014 Transmashholding was owned by:[6]

The company actively works with JSC Russian Railways, the Ministry of Transportation of the Russian Federation, and other Russian Federation ministries, including Ministry of Industry and Power, Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, and Ministry of Finance.

In 2012, Transmashholding took in 130 billion rubles in revenue. This revenue represents a 22 percent increase over 2011 revenues.[9]

Russian Railways is the company’s biggest customer. Transmashholding has major customers in Bulgaria, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and Serbia. The company manufactures and sells subway cars, passenger diesel locomotives, diesel engines, freight cars, flat cars, and diesel trains.[9]

In Dec 2015 RZD approved the sale of its 25%+1 share in the company (The Breakers Investments BV).[10] Alstom's stake in the company was increased to 33% by end of 2015.[11]

Company structure[edit]

Russia-based companies[edit]

The company structure includes several major industrial plants in Russia:[12]

Joint ventures[edit]

Bombardier transportation[edit]

On 25 May 2007, in Sochi, Russia, Bombardier and Transmasholding signed an agreement to jointly establish an engineering center.[17]

In May 2008, Bombardier and TMH signed an agreement to form a joint company for the production of locomotives. The equal share companies were organised under the previously formed Bombardier Transportation Transmashholding AG, one as an engineering design centre: Transmashholding Bombardier Transportation (Engineering) Rus and another for the manufacturing of inverter drives (based on Bombardier's MITRAC technology) used in electric locomotives: Transmashholding Bombardier Transportation (Industrial) Rus.[18][19]


In April 2007, Knorr-Bremse AG and Transmashholding agreed to create a Russian joint venture to manufacture, sell and service rail vehicle braking systems in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States.[20]


In December 2007, ALSTOM and Transmasholding signed a cooperation agreement that would lead to the formation of joint ventures for the production of railway components in Russia.[21] In October 2008 the partnership was further extended by the formation of a 51:49 joint venture for the production of double decker coaches TMH-Alstom DV.[22] This intent was ratified on 31 March 2009, with Alstom providing ongoing technical expertise for the modernisation of TMH's production sites, and the development of new locomotive platforms; with TMH undertaking more than 75% of the manufacturing. At the same time Alstom took a 25(+1)% stake in TMH's capital holding company.[23]

In April 2013, Alstom and Transmashholding inaugurated a joint production site intended to asynchronous traction motors for electric locomotives in Novocherkassk, that would later be used to equip the locomotives jointly developed and manufactured by Alstom and TMH for Russia and Kazakhstan. The inauguration ceremony was held in the presence of Russian Railways Senior Vice-President Valentin Gapanovich, TMH Managing Director Andrey Andreev, and Alstom Transport President, Henri Poupart-Lafarge.[24]

By late 2015 Alstom had increased its shareholding in Transmashholding by 8% from 25 to 33% for €54 million.[11]


Transconverter was formed as a joint venture with Siemens in April 2005 for the production of electrical equipment (high voltage static converters).

Former subsidiaries[edit]


Transmasholding manufactures diesel-locomotive shunters, main-line and electric industrial locomotives, passenger and freight cars, electric train cars, locomotive and marine diesels, car castings and other products. The company has provided railcars to Warsaw Metro and Baku Metro, among others.[25]

NEVZ 2ES5K locomotives (2008) 
Demikhovo ЭД4М EMU train ED4 (2013) 
NEVZ EP20 (2013) 
Demikhovo EMU train ED4M (2011) 
Metrovagonmash 81-760/761 Metro car (2010) 
Kolomna TEP70BS (2012) 


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